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The Right Way to Wear an Engagement Ring

Santosh Andrei



The Right Way to Wear an Engagement Ring

An engagement is an occasion that carries memories to cherish for a lifetime. It is also to celebrate the love and support of near and dear ones. Additionally, it celebrates various accessories that are an essential part of any wedding ritual. Your guess is right- the center of attraction is undoubtedly the ‘ring.’

Rings – An Important Part of an Engagement Ceremony

In every culture of the world, rings exchanges during engagement are seen as a symbol of the bond of marriage. The buzz of this culture is so strong that it permeates through all the barriers. This exchange represents undying love and fidelity between the two people who join in holy matrimony. The passage of time does not seem to dull the importance and excitement attached to a ring.

The Right Way to Wear an Engagement Ring

Wedding and engagement ring often see a decoration with simple as well as intricate patterns and designs. The amazing symmetry of these woven patterns is not always rounded or square. Intricate design options available to the modern-day lady means, there are lots of choices to pick from in an engagement or wedding ring. You can check out some incredible selection like the classic style, Halo design bridal rings, or even 2 stone rings.

How to Wear a Wedding Ring

Most commonly, wedding rings wear in the fourth finger of the left hand. However, in some European countries, it settles on the right side. The wise Romans had a belief that a vein ran directly from this finger to the heart. In other words, a ring finds its way to the heart of the wearer. The other theory is that the ring finger belongs to the Sun. Necessarily it implies that the wedding ritual takes place in the daytime with full awareness.


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Have you wondered why most of the diamond engagement rings and wedding bands come in gold? It has something to do with its association of the fourth finger and planet Sun- gold is the symbolic metal of yellow Sun, according to folklore. For most people, a marriage is about commitment, just as the Sun’s commitment to rise, set, and rising again. The fact that you are wearing a ring is a sign that you are committed to your marriage.


What Choices Do You Have For Wearing A Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring has definite value for those who love and get love in return. The circles are a constant celebration of love and the magic of togetherness. The intrigue of the ring always appears novel- just like the first time when you wear it.

The Right Way to Wear an Engagement Ring

As it is a symbol of endless love, a ring has to embody the quality of being always there, just like love. For the continuous and eternal appeal, you can choose from the following options that are here for you:

1. A ring embellished with one or more than one precious stone

2. Platinum rings that depict value and prestige in weddings.

3. Plain yellow or white gold traditional wedding bands

4. Rings made in Rose gold for attraction

5. Diamond wedding rings that are forever

6. Ring with personalized engravings

The humble ring has been around for many years and will remain as crucial for years to come. Rings made from blades of grass in the ancient era to robust metals of modern times- they still tend to dominate. While the designs may see new revolutions in recent times, the symbolism of devotion is strong as ever.

The Right Way to Wear an Engagement Ring

Today’s woman has no dearth of choices when it comes to wedding rings or engagement rings. Be it a solitaire engagement ring or vintage style rings, there are ample options available. Additionally, the range of precious stones that can be added to its head makes the selection broader. Now you can go for 2 stone diamonds on the rings or semi-mount pink engagement ring. Whatever option you choose make sure that you pick it from a reputed jewelry store so that you get the best deal in authentic jewelry that lasts long.


To Wrap It Up

Weddings and engagement rings are not just rings – they capture the entire essence of the ceremonial rituals and the symbolic meaning behind it. The circles even combine the profound art of the jeweler, respect for the relationship, and the beauty of love. A ring can be a stylish reflection of your endless and eternal love for a sweetheart.

Are you preparing for an upcoming engagement or wedding? Then you need to know the right way to wear the ring on your finger. Check out this post for more information.



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