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Rockstar Games All Mobile List



Rockstar Games All Mobile List

If we talk about games, Rockstar games are the most popular. Rockstar Games is an American game making company that is located in New York. From its emergence in 1998 to today, they’ve made the countless number of games.

However, we will be focusing on Rockstar mobile games list today. But why is the company so popular?

Why Rockstar Games Is Too Popular?

We all know the main reason. It’s Grand Theft Auto. The game was loved by so many people and is still being played worldwide. However, Rockstar puts the utmost efforts in developing some of the best games we don’t often expect.

Everything from their storyline to the visuals is perfect. In every era, the games that Rockstar games make are revolutionary. These games bring something that changes the whole gaming industry once rolled out.

Open world games are often loved by so many people. The reason is that you can do anything you want with it. “Freedom” is the main reason why their games are so popular. Now let’s talk about some of the best Rockstar games on mobile right now.

GTA Chinatown Wars

One of the best games for Android is the GTA Chinatown Wars. Sticking to the OG 2.5D graphics, this game has a lot of stuff going on. The game has an interesting storyline where you are left in the worst place in America.

After the murder of the main character’s father, the only mission in his life is to transport a sword successfully to his uncle. However, things get hard even on this mission. It didn’t go as planned and now he has to regain the respect and dignity that he lost.

GTA San Andreas

My personal favorite Rockstar Games game is GTA San Andreas. The story is focused on gang-related problems and the main character has to regain the gang’s strength in the hood. With a lot of betrayals and problems in hand, CJ still didn’t lose hope.

After being left to rot and die even by the most trusted people, CJ stays low and starts to do missions secretly. The game itself has great controls and the storyline is just perfect. Overall, one of the best Rockstar mobile games period.

Max Payne

There are three parts of Max Payne on PC. The first part made it in the Android franchise somehow. It’s a third-person shooter with great mechanics. The game came back in 2001 so it’s really not new.

However, the game itself is great to play and the storyline is where things get a lot more interesting. After his late wife and daughter had been murdered, he gets on his feet for revenge. All these factors make this game worth it even in 2019.

GTA Vice City

The nostalgia from this game is strong as hell. Vice City is the main reason why Rockstar Games gained too much fame. Moreover, Vice City had one of the coolest storylines ever. Since the game came on the Android platform, it got even more popular than it once was.

Vice City is all about betrayals and ungrateful people. With great mechanics, you will totally enjoy this game. That is why it’s one of the best Rockstar mobile games to ever hit the market.



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GTA5 The manual

This one is not essentially a game but an App for the GTA V game. It’s manual for GTA V containing everything from control guides to the storyline. If you’re having a hard time in playing the original game, you can check this app out.

There’s also a big map of the game that you can see to make things a little more sound to you. This app is officially developed by Rockstar Games to ease users a bit. As the game itself is hard and big enough, you are getting support from the company itself.

Red Dead Redemption 2

RDD2 is available for XBOX and Playstation. The game has been recently launched to PC and the comments are positive. It’s one of the best history breaking games that Rockstar has ever made.

It’s an action-adventure type game that packs quite a punch. It is the highest-rated game in console history. Making this game one of the best Rockstar games to ever emerge on this planet.


Based on the original Bully game, this is one of the best groundbreaking Rockstar mobile games. As 15 years old, you will wander through the school, being bullied or you will bully people when the time comes.

It’s an open-world game that incorporates one of the best stories and controls you’ll ever find. Despite being an old game, it supports the modern high-resolution devices too, All these factors make this game one of the best Rockstar mobile games as of now.

GTA Liberty City

Going to the old school style, coming to the east coast again, this game came on mobile and blew everyone away. This open-world game was remastered for Android and it’s a great game if you want to feel the traditional GTA style.

The game has been improved in terms of graphics and extended abilities. The game is a mix of nostalgia and great controls.


GTA 3 was one of the best Grand Theft sequels. The main reason was it was the first GTA sequel to become totally 3D. With extended controls and graphics on Android and iOS, you can expect a great experience.

The first time I played GTA 3, it took me years back to when I was just a kid. If you want to kill time, it’s a great Rockstar mobile games on our list.

GTA iFruit

Do you remember the mobile device that every character in GTA V has? Well, this app has the ability to turn your device into that thing. However, the fun doesn’t stop here. You also get news and updates about the GTA franchise.

This is a great assistive app for both iOS and Android on our list today.

Our list incorporated some of the best Rockstar Games. These games are great to kill your time if you’re bored or if you just want a nostalgic experience. All these games are paid for Android or iOS though.

But the nostalgia is too strong with this one.


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