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Sahara Rose De Vore, A Travel Coach and Consultant



Sahara Rose De Vore

Please state your name and a little about your current status.

I am Sahara Rose De Vore, a travel coach, and consultant who turned my passion for travel into a thriving travel coaching business. I help people in and out of the workplace travel better and more effectively through the empowerment and education of the power of travel on the mind, body, and soul.


What exactly does your company do?

I run a duel-mission company meaning I have two main areas of focus. I founded The Travel Coach Network which is a growing community of travel coaches where I help passionate travelers tune into their unique travel unique and grow their own travel-related business. As a travel coach myself, I help companies tap into the wellness power of travel to improve their employee and business travel programs.


How did you start your company/business as a startup?

I spent over a decade circling the globe after graduating from university and realizing that industry was not offering me the type of career or travel freedom that I wanted. So, I spent over 10 years traveling to over 80 countries by the age of 30. During my journey, I was learning the ins and outs of the industry and its trends. I was learning the problems and voids that existed and learned why people truly traveled and what travel was doing for their life and wellbeing. I always followed my own path and did what felt right for me. My time traveling was a prime phase in the rise in travel technology and also digital nomads. I struggled for years trying to figure out a career that aligned with my travel experiences, expertise, passion, and heart.

I then created my ideal career that I knew other travelers wanted as well. I started an online travel coaching business where I help others travel better and more effectively. I soon had emails from people asking me what a travel coach and how they too can become one. Since there was no one doing what I was doing or in my definition of a travel coach, I developed The Travel Coach Network and created a signature Travel Coach Program where I teach and guide other passionate travelers to find their unique niche in the travel industry and start an authentic travel-related business that aligns with their personal experiences and expertise.

As a travel coach myself, I design programs that help companies enhance their employee wellness programs, business travel initiatives, and travel agent training based on the wellness benefits that travel has on the mind, body, and soul. My unique travel coach approach framework has the foundation of authentic travel storytelling, human connection, transformative experiences, and travel wellness. It helps companies gain a deeper understanding of their employees or clients on a more personal level in order to improve their work-life or provide a travel experience that they crave.


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What struggle did you go through to reach your current status now?

I have faced various challenges starting my business including learning how to start an online business on my own, weeding through the noise of the internet, trial, and error of various systems and strategies, finding mentors that I resonate and relate to, clarifying my messaging and mission, and dealing with critics.


How did you manage to cope up with those struggles?

I found that working with the right mentors helped me cope with my mindset struggles. Believing in my own process and my purpose helped me stay on track when things got overwhelming. Learning to be patient and trust in me is key to staying sane. Coming from a place of passion reassures me at every point of questioning. Trying different strategies and finding what works for me and what does is important to find my own process.


Who inspired you to move forward and influenced you in all your achievements now?

My very first business mentor, David Meltzer, from Elevator Pitch on really inspired me spiritually and mentally in my journey and he continues to do so. My very first business mentor, David Meltzer, from Elevator Pitch on really inspired me spiritually and mentally in my journey and he continues to do so.


What piece of advice will you share with those who would like to follow your footsteps?

3 startup pieces of advice

  • Always come from a place of authenticity and passion
  • Establish a solid foundation of your brand story and core values
  • rust in your own path and know that everything happens for a reason and at the right time.


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