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Sales Banner – Designing Eye Catching Banners for Boosting Sales



Sales Banner

A sales banner is a long strip of cloth, plastic, or any other material having a specific design or a slogan of a company, a government organization, or any other entity. The basic purpose of a banner could be marketing or brand promotion, spreading key information, or displaying any other slogan, etc.

The digital age has brought a lot of new trends in advertising like digital signs, LED and LCD monitors and illuminated displays to name a few. All of these new forms of advertising are made available to businesses at affordable prices. But banners are one kind of conventional mode of publication of products or services that is still in popular demand.

Sales Banner

Sales Banners are still existing in the market because of their low rates and require less maintenance. Small and medium-sized businesses require these posters regularly to promote their goods to their customers. Creative signs and traditional banners producers make these posters based on their clients’ choices and preferences. Different kinds of these particular signs include pull-up banners, pop-up displays, hanging exhibits, mesh, fabric, and vinyl presentations, etc.

Now that it has been established that banners are still a great means of promoting your business, but it’s not that much of a simple task to create a good banner design. Following are some of the guidelines that will help you create eye-catching banners for boosting sales of your company:

Placement of the Advert

Before deciding on your banner design, the first thing you should keep in mind is its placement. You might think of it as the last step of the process, but the selection of place of displaying your advert is what drives your banner design strategy. Research shows that your poster sketch and color scheme should be in high contrast with its placement.

Size of the Sign

After you have decided on the placement of your sign, the next step is to know about its required size. If you decide on a big sales signage, it might lead to large empty spaces in between the text. And if you go for a smaller one, it might create difficulty in reading the text for your potential customers.

Most of the high-quality banners are generally displayed at large distances and are big-sized. When you decide the right size of the sign, it will help in drawing the attention of your prospective clients. For a roadside sign, you will require a large enough banner that can easily be seen within seconds from a moving car.

Size of the Text

The text size of your banner should be large enough so that it can be read and understood from afar as well. If it’s easy to read, customers will pay attention to it and the retention rate of spectators will be high.

Style of the Font

Since we know that the readability of the sign text is very important, therefore, the size and style of the font also matter a lot. Although there are a variety of font styles available out there, most fancy fonts don’t result in good results. Times New Roman is highly readable and can be used in Bold form for advertising.

Simple and Brand-Relevant Message

First of all, your message should be relevant to your brand strategy. Secondly, make it as simple as possible; use phrases to convey your message because the reader hasn’t got enough time to read long sentences.

What Information to Include

The type of information is the true essence of your banner design. If you want to promote awareness of your company, then a mere addition of company name, logo, and tagline should do the job. But if you want to advertise your products or services, then you will have to come up with specific information about their qualities.

High-Quality Graphics

Simply including key information with right-sized text and font is not enough, you have to include high-quality graphics and photos to make your sales banner stand-out. Images prove to be the focal point of any signing campaign; they help attract the passersby and make them look at your signage.

They are not only helpful in drawing the attention of potential customers but also communicate with them at an emotional level without the need for much text.

Choosing the Right Colors

Different colors have different meanings. They also arouse different emotions in people. Colors are one of the first things that are noticed in any banner which is why your choice of the shade should be on point.

Creating an impressive banner design is a well-thought-out plan that should be devised and implemented based on market research. However, the above-mentioned guidelines are some basic things that you can do to develop a banner that will produce the best results in boosting sales.

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