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Sales Pitch: 7 Tips to Successful Selling

Rebecca Wright



Sales Pitch: 7 Tips to Successful Selling

The sales pitch isn’t easy these days, but a conscious approach can make a difference.


Set an intention

You have the most innovative and exciting product or service on the planet. No one cares unless they’re as excited about it as you are.

Building and delivering a sales presentation designed to sell is an imperfect approach. Your audience does not buy from you purely based on information and data; they need to connect with you emotionally.

You were establishing a clear intention of how you want them to think about you and your product or service. Once you are clear about how you want them to hear, everything you say and revolve should be about that intention.


Show them the future

The purpose of a sales presentation is not merely to sell your product or service. No one likes to be sold, and nobody wants to spend money. Everyone likes to invest in the future once they see it.

The best sales pitch shows people what the future will look like for them with your product or service. Use your time carefully to take your audience into the future, don’t just tell them, show them what it looks like.


Make every second count

If you create your sales presentation to believe that you have a few minutes to make a strong impression, I suppose you might be wrong. Every second count should be used with attention to capture and hold the attention, interest, and curiosity of your audience.

If you’re lucky enough to get 30 minutes for your sales pitch, try to show your audience how you can add meaningful value to their business in under 15 minutes. Don’t start with the usual introduction and explanation of why you’re here. Instead, go straight to how you can help and what a difference you can make.

Your audience already knows why you are there. Once they understand the value you can add to their business, they’ll want to know more about you.


Make it personal

You know everything about your product or service; the question is: how much do you know about your audience? The best sales pitch is not based on general assumptions and judgments. If you don’t know and understand your potential buyer, you won’t get in touch with them.

Call your audience well in advance of your presentation; get to know them. Find out who will be in the room and what interests them. Ask them if there is anything in particular that they want you to focus on.

Discover their names and study their LinkedIn profiles. Look carefully at the articles they wrote, the posts they liked, or commented on. See if you have mutual connections and follow similar groups.

Finding all of this information on its own isn’t enough. Find something relevant and valuable that you can refer to in your sales pitch.

Create your sales presentation with the mindset of making everything you say and make it personal to your audience in one way or another.


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Tell them a story

Storytelling turns information and ideas into visual images and feelings. Don’t just give your audience the data. Bring the data to life with a short, relevant, and compelling story. Don’t just tell your audience how your product or service works, but show them how it works.

Find a rich story about how your product or information has helped others and help them see themselves in the record. Powerful stories help us connect emotionally and to the action of the good one.


Count on questions

A strong sales pitch comes about by anticipating every conceivable question your potential buyer might ask. This does not mean that you are waiting for the problem to be asked. It means anticipating questions and integrating the answers into the sales speech long before they are asked.

Step into the future by imagining that the sales pitch is over and its question and answer time. What will they ask you, and how will you respond?

Find the five most complicated, sensitive, and stressful questions you might be asked. Those five questions you don’t want to be asked; those that would prevent you from sleeping at night.

Once you are entirely ready to answer these 5 questions confidently and clearly, you are prepared to begin building your sales pitch.


Be specific

There is nothing worse than being on the receiving end of a sales pitch that is:

  • Full of jargon
  • Vague and general
  • Not relevant and not targeted

The effective sales pitch demonstrates quickly and unequivocally indicates that:

  • You know exactly who your audience is
  • What problems, problems, and challenges they face
  • How your product or service can offer them significant added value
  • How success looks and feels like to your audience
  • You understand what is important to them


A sales pitch that focuses entirely on these seven critical elements will lead to success. Rather than putting your time and energy on closing the sale and overcoming objections, as many sales professionals do, give your buyers a thoughtful sales pitch.



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Becka Wright is a freelance writer whose main interests are topics related to business, technology, and travel. This is brought about by her passion for going around the world, meeting people from all walks of life, and bringing along with her the latest tech to enhance her adventures.

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