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5 Different use of Second Hand Pallets for Industrial Racking



5 Different use of Second Hand Pallets for Industrial Racking

Various industries have their warehouse and storage spaces where they store their inventory and stocks. Different types of industrial racking systems are used in varied warehouses and many times wood is chosen over all other materials. These industrial racking systems vary depending upon nature, shape, size, type, and quantity of the goods and products which are going to be stored in them. Most companies used wood or timber-based second-hand pallets for storage purposes as they are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and convenient to use.


Second Hand Pallets Use In Industrial Racking:

1. Heavy-duty racking:

Timber is a great choice used to design heavy-duty industrial raking. These are specifically designed to store and hold the heavy-duty items, or the bulk items often associated with industrial units. These are heavy industrial products such as steel, aluminum, iron, and other heavy metals or big bundles of products. Wood is durable and lightweight, yet strong enough to bear tons of weights as well even if used as second-hand pallets.


2. Narrow aisle racking:   

Second-hand pallets are also found for aisle racking for narrow spaces. These are narrow aisles, which operates with man-down or man-up lifting trucks. In this type of a racking system, navigating to narrow aisles is easy and efficient. They are mainly good for storing agricultural products. It is extremely profitable since vertical space is also used efficiently in this racking system.


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3. Cantilever racking:

The wood-based second-hand pallet racking system is profoundly used to store long products, as well. These are known as cantilever racking systems where a series of columns with extended arms are designed. These are ideal for long storing products including steel rods, long timber, plastic piping, and others. One of the best features of wood is that it is recycled in the form of second-hand pallet systems.


4. Selective pallet racking:

It is perhaps the most common racking system used in industries to store a wide range of items. It is because this type of racking is cost-effective, stable, and gives direct access to products upon storing. In addition to that if you get yourself a second-hand pallets version you can further lower the costs.  The majority of businesses and warehouses use this type of system.


5. Drive-in racking:

This is particularly designed to maximize the use of floor space in warehouses. It is somewhat like that of the block stacking system. So, the products can be stored on the top of the bottom pallet.


5 Different use of Second Hand Pallets for Industrial Racking


Wooden second-hand pallets are hence efficient for all kinds of industrial storage and warehouse racking systems. A large number of businesses use wood and throw away when their work is over. People often have the misconception that these are sent to landfills. However, this is not true as the efficient pallet racking industry uses recovered wood for second as well as third uses. Wood-based pallets hence are recovered, repaired, and transformed to new racking products that are used by commercial firms.


With the sowed economy and costs of business operations rising constantly, it is often considered very profitable for commercial business organizations to go for second-hand pallet racking systems. Storage costs can be cut down considerably in these manner business organizations. However, care must be taken to choose the right and good quality second-hand pallets. A pallet system is also extremely efficient in the reduction of downtimes. Advanced and modern palleting systems are used to store and fetch stored goods effectively. This makes this kind of pallet racking extremely helpful in warehousing businesses.



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