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Tips on How to Secure Your Online Business



Tips on How to Secure Your Online Business

It’s simple to start a business these days. All you need is a great idea and a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Thanks to the Internet and the power of social media, you can easily show your products to millions of customers in a matter of hours. But it’s important to keep in mind the security of your business. The better you’re doing, the more attractive your business will become to cybercriminals. They can infiltrate your webpage using numerous scams and steal your customers’ sensitive information. Passwords and credit card details in the wrong hands can cause a lot of problems. Needless to say, this kind of theft can destroy your company’s reputation. And look, secure business processes are not only important for big companies. A profitable small firm can also become a target of ransomware and malware. 

So, let’s take a look at the best ways to secure your online business from cyberattacks in 2020. Ready?


The Basics of Ensuring Email Security

Believe it or not, but more than 50% of all sent emails are spam. And not all spam is harmless, but some may contain attachments that install the malware on your computer after opening it. Once one computer in the network gets infected, it will contaminate the whole system. And what’s the best way to avoid this happening. The answer is simple. As a business owner, you should warn your employees not to subscribe to various mailing lists using the work email. And although this may seem obvious, you should make sure that everybody agrees on not opening links from unfamiliar sources. 

Tips on How to Secure Your Online Business

Passwords Must Be Strong

Listen, secure your online business passwords need to be more sophisticated than your aunt’s birthday or your children’s names. Sure, this kind of personal data is easy to remember, but it’s also easy to guess. So, make your passwords strong by using both upper- and lower-case letters, lots of numbers, and even some special symbols. And once you’ve come up with the one, don’t think you can keep using it forever. Updating passwords regularly is a great way to secure your online business network. 

You can also secure your online business data with some additional password-related methods. Multi-factor authentication allows access to your website only after the user enters two or more pieces of evidence about their identity. This kind of authentication system makes it virtually impossible to get in simply by guessing the answers. 


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Regular Software Updates   

Sometimes secure business options are all about using your common sense. Here’s one: update your software every now and then. Why is this important? Because dated software is easier to penetrate by hackers who’ve become familiar with it. Keeping it up to date, you are one step ahead of anyone trying to enter the system unlawfully. And the security program should be your main focus when working out a schedule for updates. Remember: you can always set automatic updates not to forget about it. 


Every Secure Business Also Needs Regular Backups

Making regular backups is the key to secure your online business’s finances and data. Even in a worst-case scenario where a hacker wipes out everything in your computers, you will have all the key files set aside. So, recovering the system should go relatively easy. And where’s the best place to keep your backup? Not on your computer. Not even in the cloud. The safest option is to put them on an external hard drive. This way, even when the servers are hacked, the information sits securely in a different place. 

Tips on How to Secure Your Online Business


Wi-Fi Security Basics

Public Wi-Fi networks are widely used, but honestly, their safety is questionable. The first thing you need to do before joining any public Wi-Fi is to make sure it’s encrypted. And always connect through a virtual private network (VPN).

If we’re talking about the public access to Wi-Fi within your organization, the need to constantly change passwords still applies. Your guests may not necessarily want to hack the system, but they may join the network with contaminated devices.



Secure online business outcomes depend entirely on you. Whether you run a neat little site with games like Eye of Horus or manage an eCommerce powerhouse like Amazon, you need to have the basics covered. Use the tips from this article and start securing your online business. These are the most important points, to begin with. And once your company grows bigger, you can seek out professionals to upgrade the security to expert level. It’s your money. And your reputation. 

Do you have some hacks on cybersecurity to share? Let us know what’s keeping the hackers away from your system. We’d love to read about your discoveries. 


Author’s Bio:

Chris Delgado is a small business owner with several successful shops on Shopify. He loves everything related to eCommerce and has started a blog that centers around cybersecurity issues. Small businesses can do a lot to protect themselves against hackers, and Chris is dedicated to raising general awareness about cybercrimes.



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