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7 Elements That You Must Incorporate in Your SEO Strategy

Brij Bhushan Singh



7 Elements That You Must Incorporate in Your SEO Strategy

SEO is crucial for all kinds of businesses in today’s day and age. It is important to the extent that it can make or break businesses. SEO helps businesses in being easily found out by their prospective customers. It’s also a great way to stand out from the competition if you include certain key elements in your SEO strategy. Read this piece to know more about the elements that you should include in your SEO strategy to beat your competition. Let’s get started!


The first step towards improving your SEO rankings is to figure out where you presently stand. This can be done by performing an SEO audit and a white label digital marketing agency worth its salt would definitely endorse this strategy. If and when you do so you will easily be able to identify areas that need improvement. Through an audit, you can find out if your website is user-friendly or not, easily navigable or not. You can also identify issues that are hampering the efficiency of your site and are causing it to load slowly. The site audit will be like a report card of some sorts of your existing SEO strategies and techniques. You’ll be able to find out what’s working for you and what isn’t. A clear understanding of the existing health of your website will help you in developing strategies and techniques for the future growth of your website.


  • Choose The Right Keywords:

Keywords are the words and phrases which are used by potential customers for searching for products and services on the internet. Thus it is important that you choose the right keywords for your SEO strategies based on relevance, demand, and competition. If and when you do, it will get very easy for search engines to find your site. If you’re still struggling to find the right keywords to target, then you can hire the services of a digital marketing service provider. One strategy can be to target keywords with lower competition because then you have higher chances of attaining top rankings easily and quickly. Work with an optimized mix of local keywords, long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords for best results. Further, given the exponential rise in the number of voice search queries in the past couple of years, you should also target keywords that are optimized for voice search.


  • Create Awesome Content:

The content was king some years back, it continues to be so, and will most probably remain so, in the years to come. It is impossible to build great SEO strategies without great content that has been optimized for on-page SEO. Your content should be informative, engaging, valuable to attract the attention of your targeted audiences and retain it. Your content should also contain the keywords and phrases that your target audiences are most likely to search for. If you are facing trouble creating awesome content on your own, then you can seek out a digital marketing reseller program for the same purpose.

The key to creating great content is by focusing on the value that you give to the readers. That’s why it is highly recommended to not just write content for the search engines, but also write it for the readers. You should create content that educates your visitors on a particular subject along with providing the answers and solutions to their questions and problems, respectively. Great content can considerably improve your SEO strategy as well-written content has a high chance of getting shares on social media.


  • Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile- Friendly:

Unless you have been living under a rock, you won’t disagree when you’re told that Mobile is the present and future of online marketing. It is estimated that more than 4.7 billion people will be using smartphones by the end of this year. Further, more than half of all global web traffic can be traced back to mobile phones. These statistics paint a compelling picture and they highlight the need for all businesses to have a mobile-responsive website in the digital age that we live in. Many search engines, including and especially Google, have begun prioritizing mobile-friendly search results. You should ensure that your website has a mobile-responsive design and has a quick mobile response time.


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  • Build Backlinks:

Building Backlinks should be an integral part of your SEO strategy, as it helps you in establishing yourself as an authority in your niche along with getting better SERP rankings. Hence your goal should be of obtaining high-quality and reliable links to your website because it has a lot of benefits. Your SEO strategy also benefits when you facilitate links on your website which points back to other credible websites, relevant to your content, niche, and industry.

Your focus should be on creating mutually-benefiting relationships with authoritative sites so that both parties can benefit from their link-building understanding. If and when you do so, you will be able to improve your search rankings along with driving a lot of quality traffic to your website. Also, make it a point to crawl your site on a regular basis so that your website remains free of broken links that can cause harm to your rankings.


  • SEO-friendly URLs:

You may think that your URL is inconsequential but it is more important than you could ever give it credit for. A complex URL will not only hurt your SERP rankings, but it will also discourage potential customers from visiting your site. Hence, you should ensure that your URL is easy to read and should give the potential visitor a fair idea of what to expect when they land up on your page. Hence, refrain from using strange characters or long strings of numbers that may confuse the readers. If it makes sense, then try to include your target keywords in your URLs. However, don’t try to over-stuff your URL with keywords as they will look spammy. The ideal length of your URL should be around 50-60 characters and the best way out is to keep it short and simple.


  • Track Your Progress:

One of the most crucial parts of an SEO strategy which is apparently missed by many is about tracking your progress. You can monitor the success of your SEO efforts with the help of some tools that are out there in the market. Such tools can help you in checking the improvement of your rankings for certain keywords. You will also be able to figure out how your web presence is in comparison to your competition. The insights that you get from the use of such tools can be used in refining and improving your SEO strategy.

The Bottom Line

SEO is an exponentially evolving field where new techniques and tools are created all the time. If you want to achieve results and want the results to sustain, then you need to make SEO a regular part of your overall marketing efforts. You need to incorporate the aforementioned elements in your strategy if you haven’t already done so. If you have followed some of the suggestions as mentioned above, and are still not seeing the results, then it’s time to call in the experts and hire digital marketing services of an offshore digital marketing agency or a 360-degree digital marketing agency.



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I am Brij Bhushan Singh and I am a Professional Blogger and content writer working with Ethane Technologies. In my professional life, I write about starting & managing a blog, WordPress, social media, SEO and many more.

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