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3 Valuable Lessons You Can Pick Up from Serial Entrepreneur Vance Fundora

Chukwuma Agugbue



3 Valuable Lessons You Can Pick Up from Serial Entrepreneur Vance Fundora

Vance Fundora, the CEO, and founder of Fundora Group is a serial entrepreneur, a social media & e-commerce specialist, speaker, real estate investor, and host of Real Talk with Vance Fundora podcast. Quite an impressive title for any 22-year-old. During this journey, he has helped many individuals, brands, and businesses to create brand awareness and get better exposure with increased traffic.

Vance Fundora’s group consists of Fundora Enterprises, Fundora Estates, and Fundora Foundation. His versatility inspires people across the country who follow Vance on social media; they follow his journey while learning from the examples Vance sets for his community.


Entrepreneur At Heart 

Vance Fundora was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Vance has always felt like an entrepreneur at heart since he was a kid. Starting at the age of nine, he helped to run a local food truck, mowed lawns, and even helped people fix their computers. He started all these odd jobs as an idea to get some quick cash and fund his life early on. His childhood passion for earning money made him try all the possible fields, which would lead to great success in his early 20’s. 

Vance was very adamant about always trying and being relentless without making excuses. His ambition made Vance very resourceful, giving him ideas to make deals out of every opportunity he could think of. He ventured throughout multiple industries, often facing lots of trial and error but learning along the way. He tried selling, trading, and buying. Sometimes, his profit was hundreds of dollars in a week. At the age of fifteen, he was conscious of investing and spent lots of time learning about the subject. He wanted to invest to earn more from different industries, which has led to investing in real estate, marketing, branding, and tons more. 


Overcoming Challenges 

In 2015, Vance started his new venture and showed interest in digital marketing. One year later, he started his digital agency. He did not wait long to begin pursuing his goals and begin the path that would inspire those around him. However, he’s faced many challenges. Racism is worth mentioning, He became a target from his skin colour. He’s also faced lawsuits early on in his career, a problem for any young Entrepreneur. Although many obstacles have manifested themselves in Vance’s path, he has proven to persist and overcome every one.


Sources of Motivation 

Motivation is a must to achieve success in any field. So for life motivation, Vance loves learning and spending time reading. Vance often spends time reading success stories of great achievers and entrepreneurs he one day aspires to be like. These stories have become a strong and consistent source of motivation for Vance.


In Conclusion, Vance Fundora has made his way to constant success with his never-failing attitude. For only being 22 years old he is well on his way to leaving a very distinct legacy built upon the foundations that mirror those of the greats.




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