How to Blend and Clip-in Hair Extensions with Short Hair

How to Blend and Clip-in Hair Extensions with Short Hair


Do you have short hair and yet you wish to enjoy long hairstyles? Time and again, you want to transform your short hair into long luscious locks that amps up your style game.

Well, what if I tell you that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can have short and long hair at the same time! Isn’t it amazing? Hair extensions is to your rescue which makes it possible for you. Sometimes, it is a breeze to apply it in your hair and sometimes it’s like a nightmare. It is better that you make the right choice when you are buying hair extensions. If you ace this stage, you are not going to have many problems in applying for the hair extensions in your hair.

But before enjoying, you need to understand how to blend and clip in hair extensions in your short hair.

Here’s how can you can blend and clip in hair extensions in your short hair:

Step #1: Clean Your Natural Hair

You should prepare your hair before applying for hair extensions! Wash and condition your hair as oil on your scalp makes it difficult to hold your clip-ins. It is good news for women with the dry scalp as extensions stay out for a longer time than usual in their hair. Make sure that your hair is perfectly clean when you need to apply for clip-in hair extensions.

Step #2: Curl Or Straighten Your Hair Extension To Save Time

Well curling or straightening your hair after the application is quite tedious! I would say that you should always style your hair extensions in a way that you wish them to look at. The hardest part is pretty much done! Now, you will have to curl your natural hair to blend in with hair extensions!


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Step #3: Section Off Your Hair At The Top Of Your Head Near The Crown

You need to section off your hair near the crown and clip it. Now, start attaching the hair extensions at the back of your head. Now, as you start clipping in the hair extensions. You can unlock clips one by one with which you’ve clipped your natural hair.

Step #4: Apply Hair Extensions

Apply the hair extension at the back of the head. You can unlock one section of your natural hair at a time as you move over your head to apply for the hair extensions. Apply more wefts to your hair extension wherever you need more volume and thickness.

If you are looking for extensions that really make a difference, you can apply hair couture by sleek as it looks really great on your natural hair. It is easy to apply and blends in like a breeze in your hair.

Step #5: Curl or Straighten Your Natural Hair

Make sure you give your natural hair the same style, as it will look quite odd. Some of your hair would appear curled and the rest would look rather messy. You don’t want people to figure out your little secret, it’s better that your natural hair stays in harmony with your hair extensions. It is the best way to blend in with your hair extension in your natural hair.

Step #6: Tease The Part Of Your Natural Hair That Sits Above Hair Extensions

Teasing your natural hair hides the tracks of hair extensions well! It also hides the clips of the hair extensions. You can also backcomb your hair but after applying for the hair extensions and look specifically for the clips that are visible. You can also unclip more hair extensions for that area where the clips are visible.

Step #7: Curl or Straighten Your Top Hair

Achieve a smooth and seamless transition by curling or straightening your natural hair at the top. Grab the top pieces of hair extensions and your natural hair to curl them or to make them look alike. Do this for the rest of your top hair to give a fabulous look. Voila, you are complete!


Congratulations, you have beautifully blended clip-in hair extensions with your short hair which makes you look amazing and you can steal the show with your luscious locks wherever you go!


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