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How To Apply For Skilled Recognition Graduate Visa Subclass 476

If you have recently completed an engineering degree or course from a recognized institution and looking forward to getting employment in Australia then you should apply for Skilled Recognition Graduate Visa Subclass 476. Skilled visa Australia allows an applicant to live, study, work for 18 months. You must be under 31st years old at the time of applying for a subclass 476 visa. Australian visa subclass 476 is a temporary visa that permits you to get skilled work experience in your relevant occupation. skilled recognized visa Australia lets allow your family members to stay with you for the same duration of 18th month.

Know The Process To Apply For Visa Subclass 476:-

1. Eligibility criteria

• You must have completed an engineering degree from an authorized institution in the last 2 years.

• Your age must be younger than 31st years at the time of applying for a subclass 476 visa.

• You must not have been a holder of visa subclass 485 or skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476 except you have been holder as a family member.

• You have to prove that you must be proficient English skills.

• You need to meet Australian health requirements to apply for this skilled recognized visa in Australia.

• You have to pay back all debt to the Australian government if you have any.

• You must not have any past visa canceled history at the time of applying for the Australian visa subclass 476.

• You have to meet the character requirements of the Australian government.

2. Required Documents

• Provide the genuine certificate of engineering degree with a subclass 476 visa form.

• Provide the letter of completion of an engineering degree by your education provider.

• Provide your current active passport pages including photo and also submit all national identities documents.

• Provide your country or any international police verification documents.

• Provide proof to prove you have proficient English.

• Provide dependents under 18 and dependents over 18 documents with skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476 application.

• If you are in relationship then provide your married certificate and if you have been married, divorced or window then provide related documents.

• If you have lived at least 12 months in Australia in the last 10 years then you need to submit Australia police certificate as character certificates.

• In case you have changed your name then then provide documents related to change of name with skilled recognized visa Australia application form.

3. Cost of visa and processing time

You can receive this skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476 with the starting of AUD 365. The cost of the subclass 476 visa can be varied according to Australian government policies. This cost is based on each person. The processing time is 10 to 12 months for a general processing visa. The processing time of the Australian visa subclass 476 can vary in case of any change you want to make, you forget some important documents.

4. Apply for the Skilled Visa Australia

You are authorized to apply for a visa from Australia or outside of Australia. Make sure you will lawful at the time of applying for a skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476. Immigration Authorities have a right to cancel your subclass 476 visa application in case you provide illegal documents or your bridging visa A has expired or cease. To overcome these confusing process I would like to suggest you contact a registered and high authorized Immigration Agent Adelaide which has high credibility worldwide. You can apply for this visa online and through the post. Australian visa subclass 476 will be digitally linked to your passport.

5. After You Have Applied

Many of us forget to submit some important documents which can be cause visa cancellation so we need to follow some steps as below mentioned:-

• If you forget to mention your travel to Australia or from Australia with Skilled Visa Australia application then consult with your visa agents they will assist you for further process.

• If you didn’t apply for a biometric and health exam then immediately consult with your visa agent either you need or not.

• If you want to add your family members after you have applied for skilled recognition graduate visa subclass 476 by post then you need to contact your respective immigration agent.

• If you want any change in your documents then feel free to contact your visa agent.

6. With This Visa You Can

• You can stay in Australia for 18th months on a temporary basis.

• You can also apply for Australian citizenship with this permanent visa if you are eligible.

• You can do work and study for 18th months with Australian visa subclass 476.

• You can bring your family members to Australia.

• You can travel to and from Australia as a subclass 476 visa holder.


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