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Skillionaire’s Checklist Can Teach YOU



Skillionaire's Checklist Can Teach YOU

If you are like me and wonder how your life would have panned out if you had been given the chance to earn a degree, spare a thought for those who defied the odds and made themselves a massive fortune from their entrepreneurial skills alone. If you feel denied because life didn’t give you a high five, read on for more on ‘What the Skillionaire’s Checklist Can Teach You!’

Hairdressers, Cooks, chefs, motor racers, and footballers (to name but a few) have all found their way onto the latest ‘skillionaires’ list using nothing but skill and zest for life. Choosing the vocational route instead of university, each one has hauled themselves up by their entrepreneurial bootstraps to become a success in life.


What is ‘Skillionaire’?

A ‘Skillionaire’ is one of a 100 vocational millionaires living in the UK who didn’t attend university, didn’t marry into money, didn’t wiggle their way into Big Brother, didn’t rob a bank or steal from others, but still managed to earn wealth totaling a massive £17.6bn (around $28.79bn) between them. Some are old and a few are young – but all are very wealthy indeed!

Unfortunately, there is not enough room to list all the names here, but you can Google it for yourself. None of the 100 names on the list ever received an academic qualification in their life.

The famous names include Eric Clapton, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, Rick Stein, Stella McCartney, Billy Connolly, and many others, but the point is – all managed without a degree and chose the vocational, entrepreneurial route instead of university.

The phrase ‘Skillionaire’ might make you pause for thought. You might really fancy seeing your name on the Skillionaire’s List someday as an entrepreneur but are not sure what to bring to the table.


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Where can you start?

1. An entrepreneur starts is right where you are.

If you are at work, be thankful – you have something that millions of others can only wish for. Then, become a person of excellence in the workplace. Pretend the business is your business and act like an entrepreneur. Go the extra mile, put more effort in, treat everything and everyone around you as if were your own company. Review the company objectives and goals. Have you spotted a solution to a problem that no-one else has? Roll it out and put it into practice.

I dare you – see the difference living like this makes to your work life.


2. Review your use of time at home.

It’s said that winners and losers are distinguished by their use of time. So what do you do with yours? Check out the following: which category do you belong in?:


  • Use Time
  • Value Time
  • Spend Time
  • Make Time
  • Read Books
  • Keep Learning


  • Kill time
  • Lose Time
  • Squander Time
  • Can’t Find Time
  • Watch TV
  • Think They Know Enough Already

Hmmm. Enough said!


3. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to focus on the one thing they enjoy and do really well.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, use the ability you have now and research a way to use it to help other people. As an example, one of the names on the Skillionaire’s list is a man who emigrated from India. He began his career as a cleaner in an Indian Restaurant and gradually worked his way up through the ranks until he owned a string of restaurants himself.

The one thing the Skillionaire’s list proves is that you don’t need a degree to succeed in life, so if you don’t have one, you can celebrate along with the rest of us! Just make sure you have the necessary equipment in your entrepreneur toolbox to create some changes in your life. If you don’t think your toolbox is fully equipped, get some help – everyone needs training at some point in their life.



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I am a passionate Freelancer while studying. An avid reader of multiple websites including Medium, Thrive Global, Kivo Daily, and of course, The Weekly Trends.

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