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How SleepingLucid does Marketing: Tips for Business Owners



How SleepingLucid does Marketing: Tips for Business Owners

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Hi! My name is Liz Brown, a certified sleep science coach and founder of SleepingLucid, a company that aims to raise sleep problem awareness by creating informative sleep product reviews and other helpful sleep-related content.


What are the challenges you met all the way to what you and your business now?

1. Looking for people that shared the same interest.

I wanted to make sure that my business was going to grow and I needed the perfect team to do it with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that skills aren’t important but people who are skilled and passionate are definitely the best in the barrel. That way, you not only have talented people, they’re also passionate, happy, and will make sure that your business does thrive.

2. Creating and maintaining the content

One of the biggest problems businesses like us (blog sites) face is content creation. That’s right, great ideas and great content alone does not guarantee that what you put online is being seen by viewers. Due to numerous content being published daily, it makes it harder to create unique and better content. One needs to make sure that their content ranks well on search engines.

3. Being seen

The biggest hurdle for me to overcome was being seen. Luckily, I have a few white link building strategies up my sleeve.


How did you manage to market your business and compete with other agencies in your niche?

Sleeping Lucid’s marketing techniques that makes it stand out is through effective and consistent content creation and white link-building that goes outside the box!


What Best Practices can you share to our startup readers?

The best practices that helped us overcome the problems our business faces such as content creation and ranking are:

1. Creating SEO-approved content:

Here are some tips to make sure that the content you publish is search engine optimized or SEO approved:

a. Up-to-date content

Content from 2019 will definitely get more views than content from the early 2000s. This is because, just like any other business, it’s important to always have current information with newer sources. The times are changing, and it isn’t waiting for anyone. So, to make sure that your content is fresh and exciting, one really needs to give time for research and fact-checking. That way, not only do you make sure that you’ll do well in search engine ranks, you also provide the best information to your readers.

b. More informative

Second, have more in-depth content. Being up-to-date doesn’t always make the cut. You can’t just say “Weighted blankets are not only trendy but also effective!” You have to provide evidence, state reasons, and provide references. With this being said, it’s also important to make sure that the content you’re writing has 1000 words or more. Yes, numbers are important for ranking. We need to remember that we’re making content, and not simply writing announcements on an online forum.

c. Always updated

Even though your content is published and has received a lot of views, you can never go wrong with revitalizing your content. That’s right, keep them updated! When new trends come in, you can always add it to existing articles.

2. White link-building strategies

Content creation isn’t the only way for businesses to grow. Other white link building strategies that are helpful are: writing guest posts, social media marketing, and responding to journalists’ queries.

Building relationships is a big factor in the world of business. For businesses that rely heavily on content creation, it’s always best to interact with journalists and websites that would feature you and your business.

You can always send the journalist your ideas and your insights, and if they like it, they’ll feature you! It’s a great and free way to build links that will benefit both parties.

Social media marketing is also another great way to get the word out. Since almost everyone has a social media account, it’s easier for digital businesses to advertise themselves!

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