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7 Tips to Prevent Slip Trip or Fall at Workplace



7 Tips to Prevent Slip Trip or Fall at Workplace

Slip trip or fall can occur anywhere. This is one of the most common injuries that occur at any place. If you are working in the industry, maintaining machines, or working as labor or in farms, you can suffer from slip trips and falls. Slip and trip accidents cause injuries to your backbone and knee. In severe cases, these injuries can also lead to death. According to a survey in 2013, more than 229,200 people suffer injuries in slip and trip while doing work. Furthermore, according to the national safety council chartbook, 724 workers died while doing work due to slip and trip.

Some of the professions are at high risk of getting injuries. However, slip and fall can also occur at the office or doing paperwork. In most cases, this accident occurs due to the negligence and mistake of fellow workers or colleagues. Usually, people suffer from injuries due to other’s mistakes and faults.

In this condition, the victim has the right to claim compensation against the liable party. Even if the victim doesn’t know the culprit, he can claim compensation. It’s the responsibility of the police and personal injury solicitor to find the culprit whose mistake leads you to this stage.


Slip trip or fall

Slip usually happens when there is not enough friction between the feet and surface of the floor on which you are walking. Due to this frictionless surface, you can stand properly, and fall. Some common causes of frictionless surfaces are wet or oily floors, spills, unanchored mats, and flooring or tiles that lack traction in all areas.

Due to slip and fall, you may land on your back. In this condition, you will suffer injuries on your lower back and back of the head. In severe conditions, the lower backbone can become damage and also paralyze the lower body.

The Trip occurs when your foot hit an object, and as a result, you lose your balance and fall down on the ground. In industries, workers usually trip due to their own equipment placed on the pathway. However, the common trip occurs due to poor lighting, uncovered cables, wrinkle carpeting, clutter in walkways, and drawers being left open.


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You can also prevent these accidents by following some basic steps. These steps include:

  1. Clean up the spills immediately. If the spill can’t be cleaned right away, then place a warning sign
  2. Keep walkways obstacle and clutter-free
  3. Keep drawers and cabinet shut when not in use
  4. Cover cables
  5. Replace the burnt light bulb
  6. Maintenance of the broken floor
  7. Wearing proper shoes can also help to prevent slip and trip

When to claim compensation?

If you are involved in an accident of slip or trip, you can claim compensation against the authorities. Furthermore, your case becomes more valid if there was no sign of the wet floor. However, if there was mentioned that warning and you slip and fall, it means you are liable for your accident. It was your carelessness and negligence, which leads to injuries.

After getting injured in an accident, you should call the police to secure the area. You can also take photographs of your wounds and the accident area. Even if the owner cleans the surface, then you will have proof. This will also help you in claiming compensation.

After getting an injury, you need to get medical attention immediately. If you delay the medical treatment, this can worsen your case. The doctor will deeply check your wounds and will refer you to the related department.

Further, you can seek the help of personal injury solicitor Blackburn to claim compensation. Remember that you should only seek the help of a personal injury solicitor who has years of experience in the relevant injury field. He will deeply inspect the case and will find the culprit. This process can be time taken; you should support your solicitor in giving every information about the case. In the end, you will get compensation according to the damage and suffering.



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