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Top 5 Social Media Facts That Will Leave You In Awe!!!



Top 6 Social Media Facts That Will Leave You In Awe!!!

Social media is one of the most ever-changing virtual platforms in the world. Might they be millennials or centennials, everyone has their particular interest in their favourite social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube every social media platform renders its level of entertainment to engage the activists. As true as it is that we all claim to be in an i-know-all-about-it phase, here are the top 5 social media facts that can snap you back into reality. 

1. Instagram

On average, 90 to 100 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every single day.

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms to date. The growth in the activity of Instagram is exponentially increasing since its inception.

‘Let’s take a selfie. I haven’t posted a pic this week.’ A common phrase we hear among the youngsters these days. It’s fascinating how Instagram had caught the attention of the majority of iGen kids in just a few years.

A recent study indicated that almost 95 million posts are being uploaded on Instagram each day. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Instagram was initially created for the easy sharing of pictures and videos. There are almost 450 to 500 million active users on Instagram every single day.

Considering the number of photos uploaded daily, it is safe to accept that the purpose is being survived effectively.


2. Facebook

Facebook is the only social media app that drives the highest, 23% of the overall traffic across the internet.

Believe it or not, the first thing that usually pops out of our minds when we hear social media is Facebook. Tell me I’m wrong. You probably can’t.

Facebook has made tremendous changes in the digital lifestyle of people in the early 2000’s. And from then, there is no turning back. 

Billions of people around the world use Facebook to connect and build friends from all corners of the globe. It is the best social media platform to get back with your long-lost friends and stay connected with them.

With the origin of digital marketing, business investors are also pitching in to improve their sales through the Facebook platform.

The blend of personal and product marketing social engagement makes facebook the busiest and most frequently used social media platforms. 

The enormous traffic induced by Facebook makes it the king of all social media apps.


3. Pinterest

Pinterest has the best day for everything each week for its users. How cool is that? The best day for everything you browse!

Given that the weekend is filled with cheat days and guilty meals, Monday is preferred as the best day to browse through the fitness pins.

As such, Friday would be the best day for funny pins as the users would be awaiting the weekend and tend to be in a jocular mood.

Saturday is the best day for the travel pins as the weekend is always open to more traveling possibilities. Whereas, best of all, Sunday is the best day to browse food and crafts, which is evident as people would either eat or have fun on their favorite day of the week.

Similarly, technology for Tuesday, quotes for Wednesday, and fashion for Thursday would be the best pins to search for based on the psychology of the customers.

Now that you know which is the best way to kill time on your weekdays and weekends, grab a cup of coffee or bowl of ice cream and go for it.


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4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to grow seamlessly as two new people join LinkedIn for every passing second.

To state in conventional terms, LinkedIn is a social media filled with professionals. People who wish to connect on a professional level seek a home on LinkedIn.

The main objective of LinkedIn is to pave a path between the employers and the employees where people can post their CVs and offer referrals for fellow employees to grow in their careers.

Millionaires all over the world, use LinkedIn platforms to expand their businesses. Many people consider LinkedIn as a sophisticated job-seeking platform.

Most people who join LinkedIn are between 18 to 35 years old who anticipate better engagement with fellow connections in a professional way.

People can give and seek feedback on their works and products from their potential clients. It is beneficial for both companies and job seekers with its added advantages.

All these factors make LinkedIn a quickly populating social media platform.


5. Youtube

Another ‘awe’ fact. A span of about 400-hour video is added to youtube for every single minute.

Oh yeah! 

Truth to be considered. Youtube is the second most used search engine after google. Billions of videos are available on youtube, entertaining countless people all around the internet. 

Youtube has more than one billion users who watch an average of 5.5 to 6.5 billion videos in a month.

And it is not necessary to elaborate on the importance of the commitment and passion required to entertain the users. So, an average of 400-hour new video content is added to youtube each minute, not leaving even the tiny possibility of disappointing the daily viewers of the busy social media platform. 

Various social media platforms are used for marketing purposes by 93% of marketers.

Now sit back and give it a thought. Social media engages a higher number of customers. 80% of the people these days have at least one account on platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It gets more accessible for a product to reach its target audience with the help of social media marketing. With the help of engaging and relevant content, one can easily reach out to their customers in the best possible ways.

Above all, it is cost-effective. Advertising for any products can be done quickly with minimum money investment. All a company has to do is to spend a reasonable amount of time developing the desired content.

Can you blame anyone? I would promote my brand if I had one too.


A significant percentage of adults and teenagers are actively engaging in at least four social media sites either through desktops or smartphones.

I bet many of us can’t even remember our lives before the era of social media. That’s how much we are tying ourselves with the virtual world. And if you’re still not a part of one of these platforms, you can join this fascinating world via FreeAccountsOnline.

Agree with it or not, social media has become a part of most people’s lives, and it is fair to accept that this trend is not going to fade anytime soon.




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