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Most Expensive and Least Expensive Sports for Kids to Play



Sports for Kids

Sports for Kids is essential to our kids’ health. Do you know that American families actually spend billions of dollars every year to support their kids’ athletics? People are trying their best to keep their kids active and healthy. It has become important because every household is full of gadgets of all shapes and sizes. With steady subscriptions to top-notch ISPs such as HughesNet Internet, children of every age are addicted to screens. This excess of gadgets has brought a lethargic lifestyle for kids. And that’s why parents are eager to encourage their kids for outdoor sports.

These gadgets make the kids stay indoors and they have stopped socializing with other kids in the neighborhood parks. This has also hindered their creative faculties. And the health hazards associated with this gadget-addicted routine is another story. There is a dire need to encourage outdoor sports. So, if your kid has an interest in sports, consider it a great opportunity for introducing him to a healthy lifestyle.

Some Challenges Involved

The rising costs of kids and youth sports are a little overwhelming. Many families are already overstretched financially and they are unable to afford these expenses for their kids. If you are financially stable, you can easily pick any of the sports according to your kids’ interests. And if you are not, here is the good news for you. All sports are not expensive!

Sports which do not require much equipment and aren’t played at competitive levels are quite affordable. Their annual cost ranges from $150 to $500. And this includes all the expenses of registration as well as equipment. Therefore, we have jotted down the names of the expensive as well as inexpensive sports. We have added some detail for you to choose one for your kids as per your financial situation and your kid’s interest.


Sports for Kids

To begin swimming is cheap and easy. Swimming can be practiced in lakes, rivers, backyard pools, and schools. Many students take swimming classes in middle or high school. Also, community pools membership is quite economical. If you know swimming, you can teach your kid to swim instead of hiring a professional. Swimming only gets expensive when it goes to a competitive level. And that’s because you have to pay for an excess of pool time. Another reason is traveling for the meets. However, this is true for any and every sport!


Sports for Kids

Basketball is one of America’s favorite sports for kids. It is played in backyards, driveways, and neighborhood parks. People even play it in the streets. A game that is enjoyed everywhere and by everyone! Again, if your kid has a talent for it, take advantage of the youth basketball offered by middle and high schools. They offer it for a very little or no cost at all to the parents. Some communities even manage to organize their own leagues. And they are separate from the school-sponsored basketball league. All your kid needs is a hoop, a ball, and a little space. And they are good to go!


Another sports for kids that can be easily practiced anywhere. You can make your kid simply run and jog around the block. And this achieves the basic necessities of this sport. This practice will tone their relevant muscles and build their stamina. You can even set up hurdles in your yard and stimulate the sports for your kid further.

Now let’s talk about some expensive sports. You will have to fork out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the equipment and registration fees. And that’s before your kid even gets to play it. Here are a few names:


One of the cool sports for kids is skiing. Skiing may not be very popular in kids and youth today, but it sure counts as a trendy and expensive sport. Firstly, the equipment charges are quite a lot whether you buy or rent it. In addition, you will have to ensure access to a ski resort or hill for your kid to practice.

Ice Hockey

Sports for Kids

It is one of the most expensive sports out there. The expenses quickly pile up because it involves so much equipment. And that’s true for the adult leagues too. A complete set of hockey equipment for youth includes uniform, full padding, sticks, skates, and helmets. And it can cost as much as $1,000 annually. Buying ice time at the local rink is also quite pricy.

Horseback Riding

Sports for Kids

If you are one of those parents who want to treat their children with sports for kids with fine things, horseback riding is the sport for them. If you add up the costs of the purchase as well as maintenance, a complete riding outfit, and other related expenses, expect to spend as much as $20,000 annually. Hence, it is a rich man’s sport. Everyone cannot afford it. A customer care rep’s salary in the United States ranges from $25,000 to $43,000. You can dial the HughesNet customer service number (1-855-850-5976)to confirm. A person from any profession, earning this much cannot afford to send their kid for horseback riding.


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