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Everything You Need To Know About Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls



Everything You Need To Know About Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls

If you are keen to explore Sri Lankan food then surely you are on the right path to explore the foodie journey. Most of the dishes of Sir Lanka are however actually been influence by different Asian foods. Talking of which Chinese dishes huge an important role too. One of the popular dishes we shall be learning more is Sri Lankan Chinese tools. It is purely a Srilankan one but has the shape and styling more like the Chinese rolls. The recipe is quick and simple and is said to be the perfect recipe to enjoy at your snack timing. If you have kids at your home they would love this dish too.

A Short Snack: Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls

There are different types of snacks in Sri Lanka that are popular and well enjoyed by tourists as well. Talking of which Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls is one of its kind. Such type of delicacy is a snack item that is often enjoyed with Ceylon tea and if you want to try it on your own then surely you shall not be disappointed with using it at all.

Next time when you plant o visit this country, you will be able to hog out many dishes and but make sure you don’t forget to explore the Sri Lankan Chinese rolls. It is quick to be made and enjoyed by many locals at the home itself.  It is more of fluffily and delicious too and which is why if you are keen to explore it out, you definitely if given a chance should not miss out.

How It Is Being Made?

This chemise roll is in the shape of a small and round piece of the dough. It is flat and is filled with savory filling too. It is usually filled up in a way that you can even roll it up and even bread it. It is on you whether you want to bake it or fry it. This Sri-Lankan Chinese rolls styled is mostly eaten in Sir Lanka on large scale but surely there is no harm in eating it considering the health and safety in mind. There are also different shapes in which such a dish is found. However, as compared to other countries, this dish is popularly notable in Sri Lanka and often resembles that of the roll which is Chinese styled or the Indonesian Rissoles.


There is no hard and fast rule for making it as long as you have some of the essential ingredients to make it. You need flour of all-purpose, eggs, butter, milk, and water. This is just be used for the filling art, you can also then go ahead and fill it up with the cheese, minced meat, vegetables, and even the delicious fried chicken. Those who have a sweet tooth can often plan to fill it up with the mint which is more like the enter filling or even some people prefer filling it with the chocolates.



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Health Facts You Need To Check

If you are health freak and worried if such roll is healthy for your kids and family members then are rest assured. It is just a small snack that can give your yummy a small happy treat which it deserves after the hard work for the ay that you do. It is a healthy choice as long as you eat in limits and use healthy oil to cook the same. You further don’t have to be worried about any allergic reaction based ingredients being used to which most of the common people are prone to.

The Right Time To Eat Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls:

As said, you can experiment with such type of roll in many ways. It is not just to be served in the style of chine roll but also in much of the variation that people can enjoy. It is all about the way you represent it with the traditional and authentic touch for the same. This is one perfect food which is used for different occasions. This delicious snack is not at all unhealthy since the filling that you use causes no harm. You can plan to prepare it on the rainy days and enjoy it in the chill climate or when you have your friends at home who would want to see your hidden chef expert.

Some people eat these Sri Lankan Chinese rolls as snacks during their movie date at night while for some it is more like appetizers. Be it a wedding, holiday, or even the anniversary, this easy to roll and make dish is the best thing to add as the snack item on any special day that you shall be planning to celebrate with your loved ones. There are no hard and fast rules of preparing the dish and surely so many online recipes can be the perfect tool to e0pxlore your cooking style.



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