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Maintaining A Stable Relationship During The Current Pandemic And Unrest Going On Around The World



Maintaining A Stable Relationship During The Current Pandemic And Unrest Going On Around The World

The recent occurrences going on around the world has caused issues in a lot of relationships. People have had to experience lengthened periods of time alone with their partners due to lockdowns set in place to prevent the spread of the covid-19 pandemic. 

During these periods, a lot of individuals have discovered that their partners aren’t really a good fit for them due to certain behaviors or characteristics. And this can and will definitely lead to a lot of relationships being split. 

In this article, we will discuss various attributes that are required to maintain a stable relationship today, and what’s more, today’s lessons will be taught by Stephen L. Robinson. 

Stephen is a renowned relationship coach, Christian author, and speaker who has helped dozens of individuals find love and happiness. 


Are You Doing Something Wrong? 

Before he became a relationship coach, Stephen had already gone through two failed relationships. Back then, Stephen had the mindset that if he didn’t lie or cheat, it made him a good partner. 

However, he realized that there is so much more to being a good partner than just lying and cheating. Later on, he figured out what went wrong; he was not there for his partners emotionally, and would always place work and his own wants above theirs. Summarily, he was selfish. 

This led to the end of both his relationships. One partner cheated on him with 13 different men and the other left him for another man. After losing both his partners, he vowed that it would never happen to him again.

This is the case for most relationships. People think that they are doing just enough and don’t realize that they aren’t giving their partners the attention they require. With that said, putting in a little more effort will mean all the difference.



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Feeling Tensed?

There are a lot of things happening today that can cause a lot of anxiety and stress; widespread protests, unemployment, and the spread of the Covid-19 virus. And this can cause a lot of mental strain for you and your partner.

According to Stephen, one thing you and your partner can do to keep off stress is to rest. Take a day off completely where you and your partner are not doing anything related to being on social media. The media carries a lot of sad news and this can cause us to be apprehensive. Take a day off; no emails, no Instagram, and hardly any communication with the outside world, just you and your partner.

Another thing Stephen recommends that you do is to commit yourselves to God. You and your partner can do this by engaging in morning and evening praying sessions. During this time, you can take time to read the Bible and meditate on God’s words and promises for your relationship.

Lastly, there’s something Stephen does regularly that he advises you to do, this works very well and he calls it, CALM and the letters stand for something. 

C- Control Belongs to God

A- Ask God for help

L- Leave your worries with God

M- Meditate on good things.


Achieving Growth

Stephens’s best advice on this topic would be to let God be your beacon and place him at the center of your relationship. Putting God first should be the premise and the foundation of everything you do. God wants what’s best for us, and in order to get God’s best, you need to consult him in all your affairs.

The benefits of placing him first are unprecedented. He will guide you, order your steps, and put you on the path to fulfill destiny. This can only happen if you surrender your will in exchange for his and putting God first.




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