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5 Top Branding Questions for a Start-up Fashion Brand Online



Fashion Brand

Ask someone what their favorite fashion brand is, and they will respond immediately. Ask the same person why they love their favorite fashion brand, and they might end up giving you an unclear response. They might not know about “Why Factor,” which is why branding becomes so important in today’s market. There is something impalpable and mystical about branding. It is one of the most challenging tasks to communicate, and why one customer chooses one product over another?

In terms of the business set-up, no one can give you a conclusive recipe for developing a successful brand. You will have to make it successful yourself; however, there are a few questions you can ask yourself as a fashion brand, which may help you in the long run and help you formulate exciting ideas for your brand.


1) Can Someone Name Your Brand Without Having a Look at Your Logo?

Most professionals in the marketing industry follow a particular rule of thumb for branding. If your business is still in the development phase, try describing your brand in three simple words. Before even creating a logo or deciding a name for your clothing store, conduct an idea and brainstorming session with your team members and come up with adjectives as much as possible. It may be a challenging task but try restricting those adjectives intro three words. Each decision you make, be it the designing and layout of your website, the content on your website, should revolve around those three basic words. For instance, CK can be stated as laid back, trendy, and revolutionary since it brought a lot of revolution in the fashion industry all these years.


2) What is Your Brand’s Unique Selling Point?

Market Research studies have suggested that each brand has a story to tell and contains a unique selling point. Some brands rely on corporate profiling and executing the right people at the right time; others go with ethical textiles, like paying and treating the customers with respect. Most companies offer more perks and advantages than the others that people are compelled to work for them. Big organizations may have a firm grip on the market, fancy websites, and more options to the customers, but are they following the ethics required to succeed in the business? Perhaps not. Before launching your store online, try visualizing what makes you different from your competitors and how effectively can you spread your business message to the audience.


3) Impression is the Key

Branding, when done right, allows the customer to feel like it is a representation of its personality. Most brands completely forget the emotional factor required in branding, and how effectively it can connect a customer with the brand. It is also important to remember that branding message should stay consistent from the start till the moment it reaches out to the customer. Branding is all about details and how you can portray your brand to the audience. From packaging, layout, product details, design, and everything in between should portray a story about your vision as an online store, and you are branding it to your audience.


4) Can You Outsource Your Fashion Brand to an Agency?

Many experts in the advertising field believe that if you are willing to hire a branding agency, you should hire one at the starting stages of your e-commerce business. The reason for this is that if the branding agency understands your business objectives, its goals, and history from the start, they play an important role in making your brand visible to your audience. They can help you formulate the best strategy and for positioning, social media, merchandising, graphics, content, shopping experience, theme and layout, and various other aspects of your business.


5) Business Branding Yields Positive & Successful Outcomes

With the advent of Snapchat and Instagram, every brand can increase a tribe of likers, followers, tappers, and commenters. Many social media experts believe that the message you convey should be concise yet entertaining and aspiring. As a new fashion branding launching a wealth of products like custom tote bags, your objective should be to create a following so strong that even the mention of your brand name should invoke positive feeling to the customers. Of course, this cannot be done in a single day; however, the goal should be to create a supportive following in the marketplace.

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