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Things You Need To Know About Storing of Fruits and Vegetables



Things You Need To Know About Storing of Fruits and Vegetables

Have you tried storing vegetables and fruits? Well, you should! The catch is that they’re still alive when you’re storing them, and it is maddening tasty. Raw food vegans introduced this food lifestyle, and their life is progressively adopted by normal food savvy.

Freezing is one of the known ways of food preservation, but that doesn’t make it a good idea in all foods. After all, freezing will create ice crystals in the cells, which will expand the lifespan of the membranes and cell walls of your plant, which will cause the cells to stay as it is.

Another effective way of food preservation is to refrigerate a fruit or vegetable. The cell in plants lives in through cold weather, and the lifespan increases as the cells stop aging. If it’s a tropical plant, avoid freezing it that long.

Heating is the common preservation method that we usually use. However, cooked foods do not last longer than freezing or refrigerating.  But if you wish to keep the food in its original form without seriously damaging the fresh taste of the food. At this point, you can do blanching.

What is blanching?

Blanching is a way of cooking for a brief amount of time. Traditionally, this method is done by briefly putting it into boiling water then transferring the food to cold water for the cooling process. But French would do ice water, but room temperature water is enough.

For green vegetables, you may also use the method of the blanching process to reduce and adding baking soda into the boiling water. This will brighten up your green pigment of the food.

Another trick for blanching is to make tropical fruits into gelatin dishes. Mango, papaya, and pineapple all have chemicals and enzymes that break down in all types of meat. Gelatin is based on connective tissue, collagen, the enzymes which the gelatin contains, and you can turn it into a nice mold and with sweet, sticky puddle with some fruit at the bottom like a dessert.

Blanching is known for stopping enzymatic processes, and if you do this process, the fruits that are turned into gelatin will stop enzyme actions, which can cause loss of flavor, color, and texture of the fruits.


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Bananas for example are good for storage especially the raw ones. Bananas can compliment with the cooking and dessert purposes.  but while they’re green, they’re tasteless but nothing is impossible in cuisine. You can pair the raw bananas with brown sugar and caramelized it. You can put it in a jar and it is safe since sugar is an effective preservative.

Place the plastic wrap around the stems to prevent over-ripening. Banana stems contain ethylene gas, that speeds up the ripening process. Covering the stem will keep your bananas fresher and alive. To make them last even longer, wrap each banana stem individually.


Potatoes, onions, and garlic:

If you want to keep them fresh for months store them in a cool, dark place in your kitchen and give them a room wherein the air can freely go in and out. While some people may think a fridge is a good place for storing these crops, it’s too cold. The starches in the onions, garlic, and potatoes begin to convert into sugars, which will turn the product softer and soggier faster if stored in the fridge. Plus, no one wants a fridge that smells like garlic breath.


Jarred foods:

Foods like artichokes, olives, anchovies, roasted red peppers, and capers, last longer as long as you will keep them in liquid or brine. And once you ate these foods, don’t throw away the brine. These jarred foods will remain in the fridge until its expiration date and also can be used in dressings for salads and other food recipes.


Parmesan cheese: 

Pre-ground parmesan cheese will last three times longer than chunks. Pre-ground is easy to grind up in a food processor or with a box grater you have at home. You can also save the rinds to add excellent flavor to stews, stock, soups, risotto, and pasta sauce.



Oats can be partnered with different snacks. Enjoy your food using oats in muffins, slices of bread, and cookies. She also uses oats to make pie crust, oat milk, and pancakes.



You can blend walnuts, cashews, almonds in different flavors just like you wanted. These tasty nuts will give you a satisfactory taste by making, well, milk — and butter, too!



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