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Why Study in the USA and How a Green Card Can Help?



Why Study in the USA and How a Green Card Can Help?

Name a few foreign universities. Chances are that you named at least one or two from the USA such as MIT, Harvard, or one of the other Ivy League schools. Even those barely acquainted with academics are sure to have heard of their names. That just goes on to show the incredible reputation that the US education system enjoys across the world and the quality of education they provide.

One of the things international students wonder about is the green card and its benefits for students. Now, studying in the US with a green card does have certain advantages but we will check them later. Let’s first understand why you should study in the United States.


USA Enjoys Massive Popularity among Foreign Students

For international students, USA is easily the top choice as a destination for further studies. The robust education system and the famed universities attract thousands to the US every year. As per statistics, the number of students heading to the US rises every year. According to the Institute of International Education, over a million international students were studying in the US in 2018, a milestone for the nation.

There really is no shortage of reasons why students prefer studying in the US. Check out some of the reasons below.

The Quality of Education

The simple reason behind American universities’ reputation is the incredible quality of education that they provide. These institutions maintain high academic standards and work to ensure that their students live to those standards. Moreover, they continuously update and upgrade their systems and processes for the benefit of the students.


The Flexible Environment

Universities in the US offer a rather open style of learning and education. Unlike the monologue system in other countries, US institutes offer a dialogue-based system. Here, students are free and even encouraged to actively participate in their education by bringing in new ideas. Students are not forced to lectures and classrooms. They are allowed to organize and express themselves. The universities make it a point to bring in flexibility to their education methods while allowing students to enjoy a continuous development process.

These institutions take pride in offering a more relaxed and casual environment for their students to prosper. All of this and more are done by US universities to make the education process more engaging and relevant to the students.


Continuous Optimization of Classroom Experience

Why Study in the USA and How a Green Card Can Help?

When you choose to study at a US university, you choose to study in an environment that adopts the latest technology. Universities in the United States make it a point to stay on top of technological innovations to deliver better and more optimized learning experiences to the students. From web-based classrooms to computerized tests, studying in the US opens you up to a whole new way of education. You will discover new ways of learning, studying, and researching to become a better student and, in time, a better and more proficient professional.


Focus on Career Advancement

Ultimately, a good education should pave the way for a good career. US universities also think the same since they offer a great deal of help to students with their careers. Internship programs are widely offered by institutions to ensure students get some real-life experience in their chosen fields. Moreover, internships also open up job opportunities that pay better after graduation.  Additionally, students can take part in numerous seminars and workshops, perform experiments, and conduct research. All of this will benefit you considerably during your career.

Even if you don’t work in the US after graduation, the experience you gain from internships and the overall education provided will be invaluable. An American university degree alone can open up many doors. With the experience you gained, it becomes all the easier to forge a career that you’ll love and enjoy. If you are studying with a green card, all of these will help you get a job in the US faster.


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Flexibility with Majors

As mentioned earlier, US universities offer a great deal of flexibility. This extends to education as well. In most US universities, students do not need to declare their major until their second year ends. In fact, many students choose to stay undecided or undeclared on the major. They use their 2 years of study to explore and determine their interests and goals before they choose their major

This is quite different from most other countries where students generally need to declare their major during the application process. In some cases, they need to directly apply for a college teaching the specific major in the university. This is another major reason to choose US universities.


Availability of General Education

In the US, most universities will ask you to choose from several general education classes. These classes cover a wide range of subjects which you now have the opportunity to study. These classes can be anything from writing to algebra to political science. Every year, you need to attend a few of these classes for credits. As such, your education ends up covering a wholesome range, which is beneficial not only academically, but also for your career and as a person. Who knows? You may even end up discovering an unknown passion or interest.


The Engaging Campus Experience

Why Study in the USA and How a Green Card Can Help?

Studying in US universities allows you to enjoy the incredible campus experience available. Most universities will have a range of non-academic activities that you can participate in such as athletics, performing arts like drama, and volunteering. As such, you will have ample opportunities to remain engaged during your years in the United States.


The Rich Cultural Diversity

These days, almost every American university focuses on diversity on its campus. Some of them have made cultural diversity critical to the admission and enrollment process by actively letting in students from culturally diverse backgrounds. As a result, you are sure to find students from several nationalities, religions, and ethnicities during your campus life in the United States.

Being able to interact with several cultural backgrounds certainly makes campus life all the more enjoyable. You are sure to run into people from your own background as well. However, being in such a diverse environment allows you to experience new perspectives and ideas. That adds a whole new dimension to your student life in the United States.


Topnotch Support Facilities

Universities in the United States offer a lot of support and facilities to international students. As such, you can get access to workshops, orientations, practice courses, training, and more to help you prepare and adjust to life in the US and on the campus. For example, English classes are given to students who are not fully comfortable with the language.

At the same time, steps are being taken to help international students find work and gain professional experience in their fields after graduation. This is particularly the case for students in the STEM fields.


Get a Green Card and Study in the United States


Why Study in the USA and How a Green Card Can Help?

Now, you might be wondering whether you really need a green card to study in the United States. After all, there are student visas available for the same purpose. Well, there are a few reasons why a green card can benefit your US education. Check them out below.


Reduced Tuition Fees

The fact is that most universities in the United States have different rates for their tuition for in-state and out-of-state students. As the name suggests, out-of-state students are those who do not hail from the state that the university is based in. Some universities go the extra step of charging even more from international students. In short, your education in the US becomes rather expensive without a green card.

A green card becomes invaluable as a result. After all, a green card allows you to live and stay anywhere in the United States. By settling in the same state as your chosen university, you instantly fall under the in-state bracket, which decreases your education costs significantly.


Easier Scholarships

With a green card, you become a permanent resident of the US. This makes you eligible for several benefits. Among them, the most important is scholarships. Universities in the US do offer several kinds of financial aid. Even the US government sponsors financial aid. As such, getting a green card to study in the US is a good idea.


Work While Studying

Most student visas have a lot of restrictions when it comes to working as a student. As such, it can become financially difficult for you to support yourself and your education at an American university. A green card eliminates these worries completely. As a permanent resident, you can easily seek work to pay for your tuition and other costs.


Jobs after Graduation

A green card instantly makes you more attractive as a potential employee. You see, companies need to file a great deal of paperwork and even pay a lot of money for sponsoring a work visa. For this reason alone, many firms avoid hiring international students. Instead, they prefer permanent residents or citizens of the US. In other words, you can end up losing out on many opportunities. For working in the US after graduation, a green card can be immensely useful.


How to Get a green card in the US?

Unfortunately, there really is no easy way to get a green card on a student visa. The normal route in this situation is to wait until you graduate. Once you graduate, you will need to find a job and an employer willing to sponsor a work visa for you. Once you get the work visa and start working, you might be able to apply for a green card in a few years. Of course, this all depends on you getting a student visa and graduating in the first place.

One alternative option is to apply to the green card lottery. The Diversity Visa Lottery, as it is also called, gives away 55,000 green cards every year to applicants all over the globe.

To apply to the green card lottery, you need to fill up a form with the US immigration service. The form must be filled up correctly and submitted within the registration period. If your application is one of the lucky winners, you get a chance to apply for a green card. That process will involve a lot of documents and an interview at the nearest US embassy in your country. The entire process will take 2 years.

For many, the green card lottery is the most effective way to get a permanent resident card for the United States. As a student, you can consider this method to study in the US with a green card. If you are wondering how to apply for the green card lottery, we can help you out!



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