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Super Mom and Businesswoman, how one woman does it all.



Super Mom and Businesswoman, how one woman does it all.

Jenny Lee Learn is a custom framing business owner, author, and illustrator. She is also a ‘Super Mom.’ (She knows this because she owns a mug that says so.)

Up at 5 am (sometimes a bit earlier) every morning. Jenny Lee begins her day with a run or a paddle followed by a cold shower, meditation, and strong espresso.

Super Mom and Businesswoman, how one woman does it all.

Jenny Lee has a love-hate relationship with her successful business of doing custom picture framing. The business allows her to have an income to fund her passion for writing and illustrating books. The hang-up is it takes her time away from her passion for writing and illustrating children’s books. Jenny Lee will often be listening to podcasts as she is working on framing to build her knowledge base of marketing for her side gig and dream of being a globally known author and illustrator.

In the beginning, Jenny Lee wrote children’s books specifically for her daughter who was struggling to learn to read. Jenny Lee was unable to find reading resources, which her daughter would enjoy, at her high intellect low reading level stage.


The journey of parenting is a tough one. Especially if you feel like you are failing tasks that should come simply such as reading with your child. ‘There are benefits of reading every day with your child’ say the experts. What if reading aloud is the source of tears, anxiety, frustration, and suspicion of dyslexia? Reading came easily for Jenny Lee Learn as a child but the truth is for her daughters it did not.


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When her children were young Jenny Lee became a creative storyteller with a fresh concept. The alternating pages of simple and complex text to alternate the task of reading a story took some pressure off her daughter. Word clues on the complex pages followed by repetitive simple text. Her daughter began connecting the dots, she was reading!

At request, Jenny Lee lent some of her then photocopied unpublished stories to a kindergarten teacher for the class to read with their reading buddies. The books were perfect for this situation and were repeatedly copied and used by educational professionals. Jenny Lee quickly realized she had a good idea that was helping build

Confidence. In 2014 Jenny Lee’s first published book TRUCK GOT STUCK was born.

After praise from Canadian educational professionals Amabel Books, a small publishing company is now working to make Jenny Lee Learns shared reading concept books available globally to help children who are learning to read worldwide. The book list now consists of more titles ‘MY MOMMY LIKES’ illustrated by Becky Comber, and ‘GEESE ARE NOT PETS’. Always working on more stories and illustrations Jenny Lee is excited to announce 2020 will bring more titles.

Super Mom and Businesswoman, how one woman does it all.

When Jenny Lee is not working at her framing business or writing and illustrating she is knocking off goals that will help show her daughters how to be strong and successful women. Just three weeks ago she completed a marathon, she volunteers weekly for the breakfast club at her daughters’ school, she is on the Home and School Committee and volunteers as a coach for her sisters Special Olympics swimming team.

Jenny Lee smiles when she describes her daughters both beautiful and extremely different. One is sensitive and sweet and has a cavernous malformation, which was learned about after she had a seizure in 2017 and comes with its own challenges. Her youngest daughter is a hot and cold firecracker and keeps the family laughing (or crying) every day. Her girls are both involved in extracurricular activities. To make full use of her time Jenny Lee will often complete errands such as grocery shopping or banking while her daughters attend practices and events. Jenny Lee says her daughters are happy most of the time (which she admits is what she proudly posts on social media) but they aren’t perfect they sometimes stomp their feet, cry and fight.

Jenny Lee with her husband renovated their beautiful old farmhouse completely when the girls were young. They often travel together as a family and have just returned from a two-week driving and camping trip to the Canadian East Coast.

We asked Jenny Lee for some tips for success and time management. She replied with these three tips.

1. Cut out the TV.

2. Keep an open mind try new things outside of your comfort zone.

(You might fail, but you’ll never succeed if you don’t try.)

3. Ask for help.

(Some days Jenny Lee feels like a superstar on top of the world and other days everything seems to be falling apart. On these days she reaches out and asks for help).

Believing in showing not telling children how to succeed, Jenny Lee hopes that by actively following her own advice she teaching her daughters to do the same.

You can find Jenny Lee Learns books on

Truck Got Stuck

Geese Are Not Pets

My Mommy Likes

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