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8 Technical SEO Aspects Everyone Should Know About



8 Technical SEO Aspects Everyone Should Know About

When the word technical SEO is mentioned, to some, it may sound not very easy. They would instead hire affordable SEO services and deal with any technicalities. Well, while that’s a prudent thing to do, you as well need to know some basic technical SEO, which shouldn’t be too scary. First of all, with a simple explanation-technical SEO is when your website is optimized to help the user understand it more, and search engines crawl and index your site for ranking.


Your site should be able to allow the search engine to come in and analyze your site. Depending on the owner, one can either have a passive or active technicality; passive represents how your website provides information to search engines, using tactics such as XML site map. It helps the crawlers to understand your content better, and it becomes easier to index your site. Active is your resourcefulness of informing the search engines of any changes you make to your site. Both of them are crucial since you want your website to have high rankings


2. Use relevant keywords

When you are writing content, you choose keywords that you repeat several times. First, it is crucial to check the top-popular words, which should be appropriate too. Following this, you will attract traffic as you stay within your context. A useful tool such as Google Trend is ideal and can help you identify the keyword in line with your content.


3. How you interact with Google

Most websites use Google because it dominates the world, and has efficient tools to optimize their SEO. It is the best place to promote your site. Your site gets a better ranking when you utilize most of its services, such as AdWords. The reality is using Google SEO tools like the Webmasters will shape up your search engine marketing SEM.


4. Frequent update on robots.txt file

An updated robots.txt file directs the crawlers on the pages that need crawling, and those that don’t. Those pages visible to the site administrator do not need crawling, while those visible to the user are crucial for that action. If a site owner forgets to update the robots.txt file, it affects crawlability, which affects your site ranking.



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5. Avoid error pages

Site errors maybe as a result of broken links, wrong indirect, or missing pages. Sometimes you may have encountered an error code such as 404 when trying to open a page. Oh, it can be frustrating. The system is a clear indication that the page you are trying to open is not available. It would help if you found out where it is coming from because this is bad for your site. Nobody likes them, not even Google.

You are also likely to get a 503-which means the service is unavailable. It can be applied when your site is under maintenance, but in the meantime, it’s good to give a redirect site to your visitors.


6. Your page speed is crucial

An essential technical SEO aspect that you should ensure for your site is speed. We are in a period where we have a fast life, fast food, fast cars, and nobody wants delays. While opening a page and it takes more than 5 secs, it is a green light to go and make some changes. Because if you don’t, you will lose visitors, and you will have no traffic on your site. What does that mean? HIGH bounce rate, low ranking.


7. Go mobile

Even right now, the number of people who are currently on their mobile browsing is super huge. Every day and every hour counts. That means when you optimize your site with mobile, you will automatically increase the visitors searching on your website 24/7. As Google noticed this, they announced their mobile-first-indexing in 2016. Since them, mobile traffic has continued to be more and more popular compared to the desktop. Almost 93% of the mobile search market belongs to Google. So, you need to have a responsive site. Use affordable SEO services to ensure that;

  • Your mobile version site has high-quality images and videos
  • Well-structured and indexed
  • Metadata are on your mobile site as well
  • You should have enough space to handle Google’s mobile bots. That is if it’s on a different host.


8. Watch out for crawl errors

When a search engine finds a mistake on your site, it will alert you by sending a crawl error. It is terrible and can profoundly impact your ranking. The first thing you need to check is if your sitemaps are working. Google should be able to read a sitemap for it to start crawling. A no-index error means that your page registration was unsuccessful, which is critical because your page won’t appear on SERPS.

Some common causes of errors are a long and messy URL and a query at its end.

  • Server errors due to speed issues
  • Robots failure
  • DNS errors
  • Site denied



Technical SEO happens to be the most crucial aspect. Since SEO guidelines are constantly changing, even as you try to adapt fast to these SEOs, it is safe to have affordable SEO services to keep your site on the right bar. Don’t wait for your website to break down, so you start running, seeking for help. Act now, and start learning the eight technical aspects which we have shared.



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