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3 Painless Techniques for Adult Circumcision Surgery



Adult Circumcision Surgery

Every man whether you are a small child or an adult; you are at one stage of our lives afraid of feeling any type of pain. It is very rare that a man doesn’t feel any kind of agony as it a disorder in which no pain is felt but the sufferer. But generally speaking, men have felt pain.

But if you are told that there is a way by which you can avoid this pain in operation and especially in Adult Circumcision Surgery. Yes, that procedure is the different techniques of painless circumcision surgery. Surgeons have developed up to date 3 methods through which the foreskin can be removed without loss of blood and discomfort.

Benefits of Adult Circumcision Surgery

Like all other surgeries, circumcision has several medical, cosmetic and psychological benefits. Majority of the people who want to have the surgery is because of health issues that either have developed or might in the near future.

Protection of the Partner

When the foreskin of the penis is removed from the tip then it has an advantage not only to the patient but also to the partner. There are many diseases that can be transferred like HIV, STDs, and exposure to cervical cancer.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

There are various types of cancer that can be cured and most importantly avoided by this surgical procedure. Two of the most common type of cancer in male adults is penile and prostate cancer and these both can be taken care of because of circumcision surgery.

Prevention of Infections

Many infections are created when you don’t take good care of the penis. This can happen because of the foreskin covering the penis and you can’t clean it. This will result in the creation of infections but it can be avoided when the extra skin is removed.

Abnormalities of the Foreskin

Two main foreskin abnormalities can be prevented through circumcision surgery. One is phimosis in which the skin can’t be pushed forward and the other is Paraphimosis.

No Affect on Performance

People think that circumcision affects them negatively but in reality, the performance is increased and not only you but also your partner feel satisfied.

Cleaning is better

If you have a perception that the surgery is not a bit helpful then you are mistaken because it enables you to keep the penis clean and this can assist you in avoiding infections that develop on the foreskin.

Develops Confidence

A psychological effect that circumcision has on the person is that his confidence is enhanced. In addition to this when the comparison is made with other men; the uncircumcised men feel inferior as women prefer to have circumcised male.

3 Painless Circumcision Surgeries

There are many techniques that the surgeons in Circumcision Center use to perform the surgical procedure. These methods are very painful although anesthesia is given to the patient the agony is after the procedure. But there are a few technologies that are introduced that are very effective when you want to have the surgery painless and bloodless. Up till now, there are 3 prominent painless surgical processes.

PrePex Technique

This device has four parts which have a plate for sizing, elastic ring, placement ring, and an inner ring. It is crucial that the device is used for only one person. If there is any indication that the surgeon is using it again then insists that he uses a new one.

First of all, carefully measure the penis by the sizing ring. Then sterilize the penis by an antiseptic at least three to four times. Place both the placement ring and elastic ring on the tip of the penis. Next, adjust the inner ring on to the elastic ring after applying the derma cream. The inner ring will become tight to stop the blood flow and after some time the skin will become numb and can be easy to cut. Two surgeons are required to do this procedure.

Unicirc Method

It is a complex device consisting of three parts; measuring ring, transparent tube and plastic instrument. This is a bloodless, painless and needleless method which is completed within a day.

Cleaning of the penis is the foremost thing to do because it can prevent all types of infections. Topical anesthesia is used by the surgeon as it is very effective. After that penis is measured which neither be loose nor tight. Put the transparent tube on the penis where till the foreskin wants to be removed. Now, it is time to place the plastic instrument and when it is adjusted then the two screws on either side are tightened. After waiting for five minutes the numbed skin is removed.

Using Laser for Surgery

The very latest technique of painless circumcision is the use of a laser with general anesthesia. The laser has been used for many minor and major surgeries but it was not thought of it as circumcision. But now laser beam is used to cut the skin from the penis tip. The bleeding is not a problem with the least pain and the recovery is quick. This technique is best for patients with Haemophilia


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