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Know About Different Techniques of Tattooing Around the World



Know About Different Techniques of Tattooing Around the World

Different tribes and cultures have glorified tattoos. There was a social stigma attached to it in the past days that showed some rebellion. But now tattooing is becoming a common practice in different cultures. It is no more a sign of offense or disguise.

Tattoo’s styles and designs represent you. The fact is that tattoos have evolved from an early age to what we now see. Due to technical development and new additions in culture, the art of tattooing is changing. Tattoo styles vary in techniques according to methods, styles, and traditions. Every tattoo style needs skills for achieving the results that clients want.

If we talk about different tattooing techniques, there are four. Let’s first dive into these basic tattoo techniques.


Line Tattoo Technique

The line tattoo technique is basic. The lining technique is useful for the outline of the tattoo design. It creates shapes ready for coloring and shading. Lines can be of different thicknesses.

Lines are important, and only a professional can design them accurately. The line tattoo technique usually uses black color for a well-defined outline.


Coloring Technique

Coloring fills areas with designs. Although most of the artists use black ink for shading, you can ask for any color. The coloring technique goes from picking the darkest color to the lightest. It is to prevent the mixing of two colors with each other.

Moreover, the needle needs to be cleaned every five minutes or during a color change to avoid mixing.


Shading Technique

Tattoo shading demands professionalism. Shading usually uses black ink along with white color to give a gray look. However, different colors are used for shading as well. Tattoos with shades are interesting to look at.


Lettering Technique

Many people prefer writing letters as a tattoo, for example, a name or a favorite quotation. Letter tattooing requires special skills to write fonts in the same size or style. The tattoo artist must know the concepts of spacing between the letters and creating attractive fonts.

Before going for letter tattooing, look for the words in the dictionary for their spelling. You can also search for different font styles before putting the needle on the skin.


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Unique Tattooing Techniques Around The World

Tattoos are as old as 2000 B.C. Different cultures opted for different tattooing techniques. They are still found in remotest areas of the world’s major cities, such as Japan or Thailand.


Bamboo Technique

The bamboo technique is from Japan. A plank of the bamboo wood is used to craft a handle out of it. This handle has two dozens of sharp endings that act as needles. The artists stretch the skin with one hand and insert the stick with the other.

The end of the handle having ink is punted into the skin. It allows the ink to set in the skin to design further.


Striking Stick Technique

This technique died out years ago but is still prevalent in some parts of the South Pacific Territories. It involves striking the rake into the stretched skin with a thick long handle. The rake is dipped into the ink before striking.


Metal Tube Tattooing

This technique was popular in South East Asian countries, particularly in Thailand. A hollow metal tube is used that contains a thinner metal rod. The bottom of this thinner rod has an extremely sharp end.

The artist dips the thinner rod in ink, and the tube then presses it down on the skin. This process is somewhat similar to the sewing machine. This method pierces and distributes the ink on the skin.


Western Tattooing Technique

Western tattooing technique uses needle machines. It is the most popular technique for tattooing today, opted by most of the artists around the world. Many artists use this technique where sharpened needles are attached to the electrified tattoo gun.

The needles are dipped in ink, and the gun starts in-out motion of the needles. It pierces the skin and forms the design, whichever you want.


The tattoo was invented in different parts of the world and has evolved a lot. Previously, it was a symbol of rebellion. But, now it is a part of style in the modern world. The art of tattooing requires the necessary skills for a safe design and painless process.

If you consider wearing a tattoo, the best and the most popular option is the western tattooing technique. It is a less painful process that makes you have any design you want. Go to a reliable tattoo artist and have a safe tattoo experience.



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