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Terrell Sumpter: Inspire Before We Expire



Terrell Sumpter: Inspire Before We Expire

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Terrell Sumpter, Author and Life Strategist. Terrell has decided to take on a serious role that requires understanding, ownership, commitment, patience, persistence, resilience, dedication, and accountability. In everything he does and is apart of, he makes sure to show up and give his all from his podcast platform and business The Inspire Before We Expire Show, Consulting, Speaking Career, Mentoring Juveniles, matchmaking and dating company The Love Duo Inc and leadership events where he bring individuals from different walks of life to connect, network and build meaningful relationships.


How did the business start?

It all started a couple of years ago, having a conversation with one of my friends who now lives Nairobi Africa. My homie Brian Wanjare was talking one day about the journey and said to me, “Rell every time we are going through life challenges you always uplift us, bro, you should make you an Instagram.” I looked at B and said I’m no model, but then later that day, I made an Instagram and visioned to bring something a lot different and meaningful to the platform. To help our younger generation see that we have something to live, a purpose, a direction, and a gift. Later I started to create content for youtube putting out Positive and Motivational content weekly at Lake Eola became consistent and from there a lot start to flow for me.


What are the challenges you met, and how did you manage to cope up with these challenges and reach your current status?

A big challenge for Rell was being away from his family and not seeing his younger nieces grow up. Growing up, he was a lot closer to his family compared to as he got older, he has been more distant but more focused. Terrell started to focus more on himself and his mission, but later along the journey, he knew he has a lot more to live for other than himself. He loves his family, and although he may not talk to them every day, he wants nothing but the best for them. The biggest challenge Rell also mentioned for the past couple of years the passing of friends and family back home has been put him in very tough places. These were people who once were close to him, and to hear that they no longer were here left Rell in tears. “It hurts a little more when you didn’t talk to someone you were going to reach out to and then see the sad news it can be traumatizing.”


Who influenced you in this industry, and how did he/she influence you?

Doors that once were close will appear open when you believe in yourself. Trust your journey and take the necessary steps to become the all-around leader you strive to be. A few of Rell’s biggest influences are Rell”s sister Nashira, brother El, Scarfo and father Terry, close friends, and mentors. The reason why the way they each take on life no matter the battles or obstacles. Rell seen his oldest brother do what he promised when Rell was younger and looked after me, my sister and another brother, when their mom passed away. He did what was necessary for our and family. It pushed each of us to grow stronger and to cherish every moment. Also, my sister Shira, who is a single mother and works full time in the hospital and also takes care of our Dad Terry. My dad and my big sister are also like my best friend, who is one of the most genuine souls you will ever come across. “My dad is a very strong individual and has always been there no matter the situation, and I am very grateful for his support. Terrell may not have a large family, but he makes sure to cherish the ones close to and share a great relationship. I wanted to point out these people inspire me to keep going and to remember why I started. We each had our pitfalls, and the last couple of years have been tough with the loss of loved ones, but we remain positive, to move with purpose, faith, and dignity.

Terrell also wanted to share about three entrepreneurs who also was a big part of his journey and allowed him to see a lot more in himself. KG, Ant, and B, who were those who truly supported Rell and encouraged him to keep climbing. With the advice and conversations from these leaders, Terrell decided to go forward and bring something a lot different from the social media space. He decided to take action and put out positive and meaningful content. This came from a conversation he had with his good friend and brother Brian Wanjare, who is an entrepreneur and now lives in Nairobi, Africa.

B once said to Rell you inspire us, bro and thank you for speaking light and positivity around when situations become tough. It helps a lot. “I think it’s time to share your story with the world.” Terrell took some time to think about our conversation deeply. From that conversation, Terrell was able to capitalize and take good advice from a dreamer, believer, and achiever. Rell started to build and grow his platform through Instagram about two years ago. “You must trust the process and be patient. You may not have a lot of supporters but know your avatar”. As Rell started built his platform, he became more focused, persistent, and confident in himself. The social media platform is a powerful space. It is used to not only be inspired but to inspire people across the world who seeks more guidance, leadership, understanding, inspiration, and transformation. 

John Buck also a huge influence during Rell’s college journey, someone who helped him get through the toughest times of his life and never looked down on Rell but understood the process. Terrell admires Mr. Buck because of his individuality and how he was there to help each student through challenging times and obstacles and help them prosper and prevail.

Terrell is grateful to say someone who has also been a huge influence in his life as an A mentor Rock Thomas once said: “Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it.” Terrell is grateful to be connected and establish an excellent relationship with the self-made millionaire who is continuously helping entrepreneurs around the world today grow to become successful and wealthy. He started from the very bottom and worked his way up by learning from the best of the best. “Every great mentor has a great mentor. I also admire Inky Johnson, a former college football athlete who is now one of the phenomenal inspirational speakers of our time. This man’s story is incredible and relatable. “The Process.” “Sometimes, God’s plan is much bigger than ours.” Terrell believes “every expert was once a beginner.” In the words of another great man Bobby Castro “surround yourself around new information.” Get in the room with the right people. You can learn from and level up together.


What Best Practice/s can you share to our startup readers?

Terrell’s advice to those building their social media presence and aspire to make a difference don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with others who are at a place you desire to get to.

Be open to new conversations and opportunities, if it does resonate with your journey and can serve you, it will grow you. That’s a mistake Terrell made was believing he can do all on his own. Through the process, he learned to become more vulnerable and engaging and more of a communicator. Surround yourself with those who are willing to lift you high, people you can collaborate with on exciting projects to bring upon difference and change. When other like strong-minded people come together, extraordinary things happen. “Every expert was once a beginner” remember that. We all make mistakes, and it’s a part of life to learn from the experience and never stop going for the next big thing.


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Instagram: iamrellsumpter_
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Podcast: The Inspire Before We Expire
First Book Now on Amazon: Inspire Before We Expire



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