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10 Rules Every UI Designer Should Know



The 10 rules every UI designer should know

UI design or user interface design has now become the most curtail part of any web-based product. Making a mobile application or website with great UI design is the soul matter to increase the user activities and engagements to convert the visit into a sale. So, there are some significant rules by the designers and developer’s community that must be followed to get the best results in your online business.

It is now a trend to Hire UI/UX designers for app, software, and website development works. But you need to be sure about how he or she is aware of all the golden rules of UI designing before assigning and paying him or her. This article is all about those golden rules. But here we have pen-down only 10 of them from the top. So, let us have a glance.


1. Universal Usability

In today’s technically developed world, a screen size of multiple devices is the most significant matter to develop a website or a mobile app. Your web application must be loaded fully in both high and low internet connections and all the electronic display devices like smartphones, tablets, mini laptops, laptops, and various sizes of the desktop monitor within a few microseconds.

We do not need to worry about these matters in our past days because we just need to make it for desktop. But now the smartphone grabs the user percentage number more than the desktop. That is why we need to pay extra attention to make our apps and websites mobile-friendly to serve our targeted audiences with full support.


2. The Simplicity of Design

People are always in a hurry to use your mobile apps or website for some service. Now it is our job to make them all understand easily by simplifying the design. If there are some elements to guess for the users, then they will prefer to move from one to another website which is easy to understand. Being a UI designer, you should follow this vital rule to attract more visitors to your website. 


3. Consistent Interface

While designing a website or an app, you need to ensure the consistency of processes, appearance, functionality, and terminology without any unexpected results or surprises for the end-users. By the least surprise principle “If a necessary feature has a high astonishment factor, it may be necessary to redesign the feature.” You can get help from many reputable mobile app and website that already has a consistent grid layout design.


4. Know Your Targeted Audience

As a UI designer, your first job is to research about the users. The audience is the most important factor to consider while you are designing a website, software, or applications for them. If you want to design a product that your users will love to use and make it popular among them, then you have some ideas of what they want from the product. This is the main reason why user research plays a vital role in the UI design process. It can also help you to add some more value and features to your product for its users.

You can visit various apps and websites to read the feedback and rating section and get an overall idea about the user’s demand.


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5. Make it User-friendly

If your users need to read instructions to understand and run your apps, then you need to work hard on it to make it user-friendly and simple to use. As a UI designer, it is your job to make the app clear and transparent for the end-users. You also need to offer them some digital space where they can easily rectify their mistakes with backward steps wherever possible. These facilities can boost their confidence level and give them the freedom to use your website or app.


6. Functionality and Accessibility

When you are working on an app or website designing project, you have to focus on functionality and accessibility rather than the looks of the product. The look is an important factor and maybe it can attract users, but an application with great accessibility can enhance the usability of that product and make it popular in a shorter time among the targeted audience. You just need to Hire UI Designers and ask them to equip the product with all the necessary features for the end-users. 


7. Context Creation

Context is the most powerful basic elements of design to interact with the users and make human relationships with them. A contextual design in the user interface always provides the most relevant information to its users. With the increasing demand for internet dependency and real-time connectivity, context can play a vital role to make your app or website successful in the digital market.


8. Size and Distance Balance

For a website or mobile app, it is very vital to determine the UI object size and whitespace portion to make the design a balanced one for its end users. It can also help them to locate the object easily. Constant testing is the better way to determine such matters either you need to distract or shrink to draw the attention of the users.


9. Actions to Guide

You need to make the users taking actions as per what you want them to do. People do not bother to go and click or touch some options unless they are asked to do. So, you need to guide the users with your design to make some interaction and drive conversions out of your website or web applications. You can also set pop-ups with other staff’s appearance after the scroll or completing their goals to lead them into your other services.


10. Stay away from Loud Redesigns

According to the research (Weber’s Law of Just Noticeable Differences), users dislike the massive changes in their loving application even after adding new and attractive features in it. So it is better to avoid such a significant redesign in your running app.


Website and web application designing is a continuously upgrading factor for all the development companies. There are new tools and facilities to make them work better and faster with improvisations. But the basic should be remaining the same to make the output attractive. So here are the top ten rules of UI designing that need to be followed by the designers to make their creative work better for users.



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