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The Importance of Communication



The Importance of Communication

So how important is communication to the human being? How does it affect our daily activities and our lives as a whole?

First, let’s define the word communication

In a simple definition, communication is the act of transmitting information from one source to another. In other words, an exchange of thoughts, feelings or any sort of messages by two or more people. However, communication may also occur individually, id est intrapersonal communication. This happens when we communicate with ourselves in the form of thoughts, per se, more often happens when we thoroughly think of something usually very important or when we want to evaluate ourselves. Moreover, communication can also be massive when it uses media as its tool for communicating to the masses, e.g. the four-sided television and the internet.

Communication is the key to the progress of whatever we do as pairs or as a group, formally or informally. It is what made the rules and laws, common and uncommon understanding and many other important things possible.




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So, how important communication really is?

You go to a market to buy something, you communicate.
You go out to pay an electric bill, you communicate.
Babies cry as their way of communicating.

Parents especially moms generally know something’s wrong when they hear their babies cry, something like an empty stomach, wet bottom, cold feet, tiredness, etc.

Puppies greet the adult dog by face-licking while the adult dog stops, standstill and allows the pups to do this thing before moving on.

Even Mother Nature is fearsomely communicating to us by giving us a taste of what we are doing to it, which is, of course, a hyperbole that, at least for me, makes a lot of sense.

Communication is a way to understanding, therefore, a world without communication could only mean chaos. We use communication in doing business, socialization or interaction, or even just understanding ourselves and/or what we need at a certain moment. So basically, humans literally can’t survive without communication.

Consequently, communication, as is, is indeed very essential to humanity.


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