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The Stand of the Philippine Vice President Against the President

Richard Strong



Philippine Vice President

MANILA — The Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo was pressed with conflicting charges with 36 people, including several senators and Catholic officials, are being bulleted with their arduous and vocal stance against President Duterte’s war on drugs and other actions, and his flowery statements on media. 

Philippine Vice President Ousting Duterte’s Presidency Issue

The charges were filed Thursday by the national police, which said Ms. Robredo and the others framed up Pres. Duterte, together with his family and government officials to drug syndicates. If declared guilty, a sentenced in six and 12 years in prison will be laid with no warrants issued.

The accusations boiled up of planning a conspiracy with a man who appeared in a series of online videos that states that the President has a connection to drug syndicates. Peter John Advincula, the man behind the videos was apprehended by the Police who then told investigators he made up the accusations against Pres. Duterte to discredit him and dismantle his administration

Philippine Vice President: Salvador Panelo

 “It’s about time to know the truth about these videos,” Mr. Panelo said. “As far as we’re concerned, let the judicial process do its work.” Salvador Panelo, Pres. Duterte’s spokesman stated on Friday that the government welcomed the charges against the vice president and comrades.

Philippine Vice President: Priest

The Roman Catholic Church take their lead to express their dismay with the political conflict together with the other groups who support the opposition. Vice Pres. Robredo, a soft-spoken lawyer, and a former legislator has thrown the hot water to the Duterte’s Administration war on drugs, which has left more than 6,600 people dead in the last three years, according to police estimates.

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