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10 Creative & Successful Designing Tips in Mobile App Development



10 Creative & Successful Designing Tips in Mobile App Development

In the field of mobile app development, a successful app designing nails down the essence of a remarkably great business. Why? Because that’s where engagement rules the roost. However, if you are clueless about an app designing idea that sounds exciting and engagement-worthy, here are ten explanatory guides to help you in this regard.

10 tips for successful app designing


1. Work On The Target Platform

The user interface of a mobile app is different, platform-wise. Meaning, a mobile app running on an iOS, Windows Phone, and Android platform simultaneously would show identical data but the user interface of the app on each platform would be different.

Therefore, design your mobile app by learning your target platforms, how they work, specific parameters required, and other key essentials mandated, in this context. If you follow this, you will be able to codify designs based on the individual requirements of the target-specific platform, thereby maximizing a higher percentage of code reusability.

2. Maintain Uniform Consistency With The Platform-Specific Guidelines

Irrespective of what platform for which you design a mobile app, make sure you adhere to the platform-specific guidelines without fail. For example, Google has some guidelines in place for every developer, requiring them to maintain uniform consistency of all the apps with each other.

The purpose is to ensure that Google’s Android platform becomes a huge network of numerous apps. With adherence to the guidelines, you will be able to increase the findability of your app. As a result, it would spell better user-experiences for your target users.


3. The Faith-Quotient Of Your App Idea

An app idea that you feel so passionate about demonstrates its novelty to solve certain problems with a mobile application of your brainchild. The amount of faith you have for your app idea determines its usefulness in the future for your target users. 

After all, who would trust your app idea, if you, yourself, are not convinced of its novelty?

4. Bring Novelty To UI/UX Of Your Mobile App

If you wish to design your app successfully, make sure you work on wireframing and prototyping, among other important things, to improve user-interface and experience of your app. Remember, the user experience of your app is in direct proportion to the UX design involved. Therefore, to create a stellar user experience, ensure that all the design fundamentals are incorporated to enhance the usability of your product (app).


5. Stick To Your Target Platforms

It has been observed that many developers have their respective love for a specific platform. Some like iOS, while others show love for Android platforms. However, when it comes to designing an app, you should be conscious that every platform has its limitations and strengths. Therefore, avoid criticizing platforms and design your mobile app synchronizing the needs of your target platform.



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6. Make A User-Serving App, Not Self-Serving

You must design an app, keeping in mind the requirements of your end-users. Hence, make a list of their requirements, understand them, and address their concerns and pain points. With such inputs in hand, you will be able to design a mobile app in a creative manner.

7. Design An App Consistent With All Types Of Devices

The open-source Android platform has given developers flexibility and leeway to create apps easily. Though this privilege is a creativity-booster, yet it riddles with the issue of fragmentation. As a developer, your responsibility should be to design an app performing well inconsistency with all types of devices.

8. Stay Informed Of Platform-Specific Updates

For instance, if there is an update about android (SDK updates) to be released soon, make sure you are aware of tools and techniques to be incorporated into developing an app to enhance the end-users’ experience. There is another catch to this suggestion – if you stay informed of the platform-specific updates, you will be able to create a better version of an app to outplay other competitors in the market within the ecosystem of Google Play Store. Moreover, the new app would consist of features in compliance with the quality guidelines of the Google App Store.


9. Test Your App Frequently To Curb Any Glitch Beforehand

The market is so saturated with competitions that it is very difficult to outshine your app over other players. For this, one of the best ways is to ensure that the cross-platform app that your design is tested frequently. It will ensure that if its performance on iOS and Android is satisfactory. You will get to know if fonts need adjusting or whether the app crashes on a specific platform, or any glitch to fix beforehand. 

10. Don’t Restrict Yourself To Conventional Ideas

Changes and modifications are inevitable in the world of mobile app development. Therefore, do not restrict yourself to designing conventional knowledge. Instead, be open to all changes and modifications, learn new ideas, and implement them to improve the depth of your knowledge in designing an app.

Design Your App With Monetarization As An End-Goal

Though the prime goal of designing an app is to serve the core needs of end-users, you should not be oblivious to monetization of your intellectual property at all. Consider running ads on your app or introduce a feature, “in-purchase,” to make money with your app. If your app is impressive in satisfying the needs of end-users, the commercial benefits of it would be hugely rewarding for you.


To design a successful app involves a great deal of consideration for a developer. Stated above are certain guidelines intended to help you design your app idea and make it successful.


Author Bio

Pranay Agrawal, a renowned entrepreneur who co-founded MobileCoderz Technologies, which is a leading mobile app development company. He is recognized for his brilliance in business consulting & strategy building, and hence, he keeps on sharing informative tech blogs for the audience.



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