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Tips on How to Handle a Skype Interview



Tips on How to Handle a Skype Interview

While they were becoming famous, Skype interviews are more common now than before. Blame it on the lockdown. While many people get nervous after hearing about the Skype interview, they are better than the in-person ones. However, you should ensure that you have access to blazing-fast Internet and that your connection does not have downtime. Because that can be embarrassing. For me, my Internet Ultimate 300 Mbps package has never given me any trouble so far.

Other than the Internet speed, here are more tips that you need to follow:


Do Your Research

Researching well before going in for an interview is essential for every one of them. Whether it is an in-person interview or a Skype interview. Some of the things that you should know about are the details about the company, and knowledge about the position you applied for. Other than that, you should also go through your resume so that you know what all you mentioned in it. Because chances are that, the interviewer might ask questions from there as well.

You should also be clear regarding the question as to what do you have to bring to the table and why should the company consider you. But do not worry if you think that it will be tough to remember all the details. Because what’s great about Skype interviews is the ability to have notes right in front of you. This is not possible in one-on-one interviews.

Dress as You Would for an Interview

A Skype interview does not mean that you can dress casually. Instead, you have to suit yourself up just like you would for a walk-in-interview. However, you can ignore the footwear part as the interviewer won’t be able to see your shoes. But make sure that your hair, make-up, and dress are on point. Your dressing will convey to them that you are serious about the job and you are not taking the Skype interview casually.

A pro tip: doing some research regarding the dressing culture of the company will tilt things in your favor. And it is not difficult to do so. All you have to do is visit the company’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profiles and you will get a clear idea of how the employees dress up. As you do not want to come across as someone who is too formal or too casual.


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Make Sure the Equipment Works

Charge your laptop, make sure that the charger works otherwise as well, and check the speakers and the camera of your laptop as well. You do not want to embarrass yourself if any one of these things is not functioning. Remember that the first impression matters a great deal when it comes to interviews. Therefore, make sure that you make as little mistakes as possible.

Some of the many tips that might be handy include restarting your laptop/computer half an hour before the interview. Other than that, if you did not get a chance to use Skype in your life before, you might as well practice it with a friend before. Because the video and audio functions ask of you to practice them first. You do not want the interviewers to think that you are not tech-savvy.


Avoid Interruptions

Tell everyone in your house that you have an interview so that they do not disturb you during that time. For example, knocking on the door or making noise in general. Because the voices travel through the speakers and it will create a bad impression. Apart from the other human beings living in your house, if you have a pet (e.g. dog), make sure that he/she is also away during your interview call.


Maintain Eye Contact

The last thing that you would want to happen is the interviewer thinking that you are not confident. Therefore, maintain eye contact as it will convey to him/her that you are confident. Do not look at the screen when answering a question or in conversation with the interviewer. Look at him. A tip that might help you here is placing your laptop on a stack of books so that it is at your eye-level. Thus, making it easy for you to maintain eye contact.

Apart from that, pay attention to your body language as well. As the interviewers will observe that about you too. And do not forget to smile while you are speaking, sit with your back straight. Your posture is also essential.

So as long as you ensure that your Internet connection is working well before the interview day, you’ll be fine. I never worried about this as I knew the Cox Internet support center will come to the rescue if needed. However, not everyone can take this risk.



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