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Tips to Plan Perfect Long Weekend Trip



Tips to Plan Perfect Long Weekend Trip

Month-Long Holidays are not possible most of the time so travelers look for planning the long weekend trip. But it is not easy to be successful in planning holidays in such a short period. We are planning our Easter Family Holidays in Morocco, you also must have some plans. I did many long-weekend holidays and most of them went smoothly, very well planned and managed. So let me tell you if you are planning your long weekend Holidays, how can you make it possible is a better way.

Tips to Plan Perfect Long Weekend Trip:

Here are some of the tips you can follow and make your long-weekend holidays perfect and memorable.

Choose the Nearest Destinations:

If you are planning a long weekend, you must have two or a maximum of three days. What you can do in these three days? A lot of things. But keep this fact in your mind that you have only three days. You need to arrange your trip with maximum time enjoying the destination and less time on the traveling. Try to choose a place near to your home or homeland if you are planning an international trip.

Tips to Plan Perfect Long Weekend Trip



Choose the mean of traveling:

Budget and smart traveling should be your priority while traveling on your weekend Holiday Breaks. Choose whether you are traveling via airplane or by car. For flights, you should get into the shortest and cheapest flights. Mostly you can get the chance of such rides on the last-minute offers. So wait for the last minute offer and then book the flight. Remember, your flight time from your hometown to your Holiday destination should be minimum so you can enjoy your maximum time there.

Know about the Place, Stay and Visits:

Know everything about the destination you are planning your holidays. It would help you to more things in less time. Be smart in finding the place to live. Find the activities during your time at the destination. Try to enhance your experience thereby choosing the activities and places to visit smartly.

Read about the place on the internet. When we had to visit Marrakech to celebrate my birthday, we had only three days. We researched everything, even a single little activity on the place and that worked. We already booked our air balloon ride, we roamed the city in local transport, Careem and Bike Sidecar. We tasted the famous dishes there, we even knew that what hotel is best for the top famous traditional Moroccan dishes.




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Plan something in Rough for Your destination:

Plan your days, Hours and minutes according to the activities over your Holiday Break. That would help you get something productive out of your time. For example what time you will be traveling to the other town or city, at what time duration you can visit the places in the city, and how much time you need to spend relaxing on the heavenly beaches. Also, spare some time to meet your local friends there, and to be on off the beaten destinations.


Food is the un-ignorable aspect of Holiday Break:

You should also see what you are going to taste in the gastronomical location you are visiting on your weekend Break. We had maximum dishes in our Marrakech, Agadir and Rabat trip. Try to find the street food or the dishes the locals make traditionally. It would impact your trip as a real and authentic experience of the place. Fast food is available everywhere in the form of international food brands. But how will it bring a difference in your experience? Come out of the fear and don’t stop trying new tastes. But it is also necessary to take care of your hygiene. Don’t get ill, and save your time to take more authentic and unique experiences.

Tips to Plan Perfect Long Weekend Trip


Don’t Pack like you are going there for a month:

Don’t be oversensitive and pack like you are visiting a place for a month’s time period. Pack what you need in instant, you are going on a weekend tour. Packing more baggage with you would bring you disappointment and disturbance all the way. So keep it light. Only pack the things you think are important to keep.


To save time, Travel at night:

It will save your budget and also your time. You can travel on the night couches, flights or trains from a city to the other city. This way you will not need a place to live. You can sleep on the luxury seats or beds by train during your traveling. I experienced it many times when I travel solo. This made me more smart about my traveling experience. You can also try this. I remember I also have read this idea in a novel. A novelist traveled between various cities of Spain in the night couches and saved his time, money this way. This is also a fun aspect you should try.



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