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Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens




Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

For many, having a beard is synonymous with manhood, strength, and style where young college students experience this stage to look more handsome and maybe, mature. Also, it is true that it is an undeniable fact that beards have been in fashion for a while and have returned to stay.

But talking about a beard is something too generic and ambiguous. That’s why in this post, we present the Top 10 Beard Style For College Students so you can choose the one you like most, according to your face.

1. 3 Day Stubble Facial Hair Styles For College Guys

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

This is the most practical beard style for college students. It does not require care, is easily achieved and gives you a very manly look without the need for a long beauty session.

It is very used involuntarily on those weeks that you do not take a moment to shave because you do not have time. This style of beard, despite being fashionable for five years, remains immovable in the TOP 1 of beard style most used. It is a beard that gives seriousness to those who miss it and at the same time a youthful look to those who begin to weigh the years.

2. Pretty Boy Circle Goatee

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

This style of beard was clearly discovered by someone who started drawing a willy-goat beard and stayed halfway. Some know it as a circular beard, but it is a goatee with pretensions to being a beard, quite fashionable. It has many variants, some of them included in this ranking, but this is the most used type of all of them. To reach this type of beard, it will be enough for you to reach the 3-day beard and then give it the beard-goatee shape, shaving the rest of the face. Also, you can check here the Goatee Beard Styles Chart.

3. Beard Verdi with Handlebar Moustache

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

It is a very careful beard style, with a beard of medium-high length and with a mustache from another era, i. e., with wavy tips. It gives a very classic appearance, and perhaps for that reason, it is very used by the most hipster college students.

In this type of beard, the mustache and beard ‘dance’ separately. The two are on the same dance floor but while the beard can be minimally fixed, the mustache should wear his best clothes, as if it were a contest.

4. Extended Goatee Beard Styles

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

This style of beard is a lifelong knob that is allowed to grow until we can knot with the chin hairs. Leaving aside the rest of the face, the growth of the beard in the area of the chin and the mustache is preserved. It forces you to shave the part of the cheeks daily, which is not part of this modeling but you look like a very goat-like beard.

5. Chin Strip/Curtain Beard Style

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

It is a beard that is allowed to grow only on the contour of the jaw, like Abraham Lincoln but leaving a thin beard. It is a very delineated beard, which greatly accentuates the features of the face. To achieve this style of beard you only have to shave the mustache and cheeks, leaving a thin line on the contour of the face.

6. Lock Beard – Full Circle Goatee Beard Styles

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

This style of beard has the shape of a sturdy square that joins the mustache and the knob. Whoever uses it, gives the feeling of being a tough guy but is widely used by college students.

This style of knob is more populated than the beard-goatee mentioned in number 2 of our list, and it is important to give it a square or rectangular shape, to achieve a symmetry effect with the rest of the face.

7. Viking Beard

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

This is a beard with all its letters, careful but protruding, rather triangular in shape. It makes the face look very stylish and at the same time gives a very masculine image.  This beard is increasingly accepted socially, and the truth is that despite an informal appearance, more and more executives opt for this style of beard.

8. Sideburns-Beard

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

Those who consider that there is no life beyond the sideburns have managed to create their own style of beard, where the sideburns are the main protagonists, practically uniting them, crossing free and leafy the contour of the face.

9. Thin Outlined Beard

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

This is the queen of beards considered the most attractive. The beard should be as thin as desired but should draw the contour of the face joining it with the lock-shaped mustache.

10. Degraded Beard

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

It is craftsmanship taken to the care of the beard. This style requires a lot of care despite being a little leafy beard, although its result can be a bit eye-catching. It highlights the facial features and gives a very high feeling of care and cleanliness. This style is not recommended for those without patient when shaving.


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How is The Shape Of Your Face?

Some men who have never left their beards do not know what style to use because they feel insecure knowing how they will look. The truth is that, just as there is a type of hair that favors the type of face, there are also different types of beard styles depending on the shape of the face you have.

If you want to know what style of beard to use according to the shape of your face, then, continue reading:

Square Faces

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

For those who have square faces, you can find excellent options to style your face. The cut should have sharp and precise lines on the cheekbones, as well as shorter on the sides and fill the center focusing and potentiating the square chin.

There are different styles that follow this line, for example, the circular style creates a kind of patch that joins, in the form of a circle, chin, and mustache. The Royal style creates a beard and mustache anchored by a strip on the chin.

The classic goatee beards only require a beard giving the feeling that the chin is lengthened by concentrating only on the lower part and a little on the upper ends. The last style of this category is the Petite, a small beard with lower predominance and a line that extends upwards.

Round Faces

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

For many, having a round face is not the best thing that could have happened to them due to the way your face is projected. Don’t worry, there’s nothing a beard can’t fix.

Here you should thin your face using an angled shave along the cheekbones as well as keep your beard full. One of the best styles is Van Dyke, a goatee-shaped beard filled with a stylized mustache. The short box is a full beard style with thin sides.

The Beard Balbo style consists of a beard without sideburns and a trimmed floating mustache. The anchor beard consists of a pointed beard that traces the jaw combined with a mustache. These styles will make your face look much thinner and stylized.

Oval Faces

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

As with round faces, oval faces seek to stylize their features slightly. Although in this type of face, any style of beard fits easily. So, in reality, all we will need is to know what the styles are so we can adjust to them.

One of the most popular is the Chevron style, which consists of having only a mustache that covers the upper lip, without a beard and without a lower mustache. The three-day beard is another rather eye-catching style, it consists of using a very trimmed beard that simulates 3 days without having shaved.

We can also find the Higheshoe Mustache style which consists of a horseshoe-shaped mustache, i. e., as a universal with long points down. Finally, the Original Staircase style basically keeps a small mustache on the upper lip.

Rectangular Faces

Top 10 Beard Style For College Students and Smart Mens

The goal of beard styles for rectangular faces is to show the strength of your facial features. Here, we should keep the beard shorter in the lower part, as well as longer in the sides. This to give more strength to the shape of your face.

The Mutton Chops style is one of the most striking, it is about having a beard with elongated sides that connect with a hollow central mustache in the center but with long sides down. The Gunslinger style stands out for having flared sideburns with a horseshoe mustache.

The chin strap is perhaps one of the most minimalist and simple styles we can find, it is a vertical line of beard in the center of the chin. The Chin Strap style features a beard without a mustache that surrounds the chin, usually, it can be thick or thin.

Choose the Right Beard Style

The correct style of beard will depend on several factors, each of them will influence the way in which the beard makes your face look.

Therefore, you should consider them when choosing which style to take. Here we bring you the main factors to consider the following 3 things.

The shape of your Face

The first thing you should consider is the shape of your face. Not all styles look good with all shapes, for example, there are styles that go well with square faces, but not with round ones. The first thing you must define is the type of face you have.

type of beard

In the same way, the type of beard influences a lot when choosing which style of beard to use. For example, if you have a bushy, thick and abundant beard, there will be styles that fit better with that. There will also be other styles for light beards.


Finally, consider topics such as trends when choosing what style of beard you want. If you are one of those who enjoy being fashionable, choosing a style according to trends can be a good idea. If you are from the Underground, going against the trends is the best option.

If you want to have these beard styles, do not worry, there are different options to do which range from going to a barbershop to do it at home. Although this last option is undoubtedly the best of all.

To have these styles at home you need nothing more than a mirror, a machine to shave and delineate, as well as foam. With these simple items that you can buy even online, you can have the best beard of all and in a matter of minutes. Now looking attractive is no longer complicated even if you are a college student.

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