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Top 10 Online Taxi Booking Apps



Top 10 Taxi Booking Online Apps

In this Digital Era, we can’t imagine our lives without the presence of these online taxi booking apps. One of them is Online Taxi Booking apps like Uber or Ola. They are not only making our life comfortable but also they are affordable and time-saving. No matter, what’s your plan? Whether you’re going for a party or airport, these online taxi service providers offer you a platform to book cabs anytime, anywhere with a few taps on your Smartphone.


Here we’re discussing some of the Leading Online Taxi Booking Apps Prevailing in the world are as follows: 

1. Uber

Undoubtedly, Uber is one of the popular platforms for hiring a taxi. It is available in 630+ cities across the globe. There are no competitors that can beat the Uber in competition. 

Uber offers various categories of Cab to suit every budget. From Uber Pool, Uber X to Uber Go, Uber Auto, and Uber Bike are easily available for booking. Uber not only offers a variety of vehicles but also provide easy payment options for customers like cash or credit.


2. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is one of the popular and convenient ways of availing a taxi. Easy Taxi is running successfully in over 30 countries with 420 cities worldwide. It has nearly 20 million users with a fleet of 500000 taxis. Easy Taxi gives its users a wonderful experience and hires the most experienced drivers and also trained them.


3. Gett

Gett is one of the popular Taxi Hiring Software in the USA. Most of the people are using this Taxi Software on a daily basis for booking rides. If you’re also looking for Taxi Dispatch Software Development, you can hire an experienced Taxi App Development Company.


4. Lyft

Lyft is another taxi booking software that giving tough competition to Uber and other taxi hiring companies of the present time. Presently Lyft is giving its services in 200 cities across the US. You can just download the Lyft app and start using the services of the Lyft Taxi Hiring App.


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5. Grab

Book safe transportation in your nearby locations with the Grab Taxi Hiring Mobile Application. Grab is the fastest growing taxi hiring software and gaining huge popularity in South-East Asia. If you’re looking to start a smart venture of Taxi Hiring Business, then choose an experienced and reliable taxi hiring app developer from a renowned IT company. 


6. Hailo

Hailo is one of the top Taxi Service Providers in the UK, Ireland, and Spain. Hailo allows you to book your cab in the most convenient way and offer easy payment procedures. No matter where you’re going? You can book your cab in just a few taps on your Smartphone and a taxi will be on your location in just minutes.


7. Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs is one of the popular and fastest growing online taxi booking software in India which offers its services to most of the small and big cities. If you’re a new user, you can easily register using your email id and phone number. You can start using your OLA Taxi Hiring Software for taxi hiring after a successful registration.

If you’re looking to try your hands in Taxi Hiring Business, then you can opt for a renowned White Label Taxi App Development Company that can build a perfect Taxi Booking Software for your business.


8. Line Taxi

Line Taxi is a Taxi provider in Japan and it works in similar manners as other taxi booking companies. Yes, you heard it right! Line Taxi belongs to Line Corporation owner of Free Calling and Messaging Line App. The line is the fastest growing taxi provider in Japan and its popularity is increasing year on year.


9. Go Catch

Go Catch is a popular Taxi Hiring App in entire Australia. There are no surge prices and price is too affordable as compared to other taxi booking service providers.

No matter, where you’re going? Go Catch is the most preferred choice for everyone in Australia.


10. Didi

It’s a popular version of Uber in China. Didi Chuxing was established when giant companies Alibaba and Tencent merged the two popular and successful ride apps. Just like Uber Didi Chuxing is offering a variety of cabs to suit the taste of every customer. Rides can also be booked with the chatting app, We Chat. This popular Taxi Booking App in china is gaining huge popularity and it will achieve newer heights in upcoming years.


In a Nutshell

These are the top Taxi booking apps around the globe. All mentioned Online Taxi Booking Softwares are popular in their respective locations. Nowadays, Taxi Hiring Business is an emerging field, if you’re an entrepreneur or investor then starting your own Taxi Booking Company is a profitable idea. So, what you’re waiting for? Hire a reputable Online Taxi Booking apps Development Company and develop your White Label Taxi Hiring Application today!



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