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Top 5 HVAC Problems You Could Face This Spring



Top 5 HVAC Problems You Could Face This Spring

After a cold winter, it feels good to finally be able to open doors and windows and let fresh air enter the house. However, with the start of the spring season, health-related issues start to surface mainly because of allergies as a result of spring pollen. Problems like winter clutter and poor indoor air quality can easily be avoided through timely maintenance of your HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) in the early days of spring.

The following are the top five HVAC problems you could be facing this spring and how you can counter them:

1. High Energy Bill

The energy bills of the majority of the households start to skyrocket with the start of the warmer weather. During spring and summer, the air conditioners need to function at their best to maintain the required level of cooling within the house. This increased consumption of electricity also leads to a considerable amount of increase in the utility bills.

However, if you notice that your energy bills have risen beyond an acceptable degree, it could be because of potential issues with your HVAC system requiring immediate attention. Call professional HVAC contractors in your area for quick HVAC system inspection and maintenance.

2. Uneven Room Temperatures

Your HVAC apparatus should be able to maintain consistent temperatures in every room of your house. Be that as it may, if it feels like your air conditioner is not able to keep consistent temperatures, then it’s more likely the time for HVAC tuneup. Clean the duct system and air filters to enhance the indoor air quality and overcome the issues of uneven room temperatures.



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3. HVAC full of Debris

The heating units work round the clock to keep households warm throughout winter. In the absence of regular cleaning during freezing temperatures, the HVAC mechanisms keep on accumulating a large quantity of dust, mold, and other waste materials on and around them.

Get rid of debris, dirt, and leaves on and around the heating and cooling units at the start of spring. However, for intricate cleaning, avail the best HVAC services near you to clean the HVAC systems from the inside like cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils so that they can function more efficiently.

4. Dirty Coils

The outdoor condenser/compressor coils and the indoor evaporator coils play a vital role in the cooling process during the spring season. However, if these coils are dirty and full of debris, then they won’t be able to operate as efficiently as they are supposed to. It will result in not only inadequate cooling but also a vast increase in energy bills.

You can easily clean the outdoor coils with the help of a coil cleaner and a soft brush. If you know the location of the indoor coils, then you may also give it a try, but it’s better to let the HVAC experts take care of their cleaning during routine maintenance.

5. Clogged Condensate Drain

Dust, dirt, and other contaminants might accumulate on the coils when air is drawn past the evaporator coils during the cooling process. The collection of dust along with moisture may result in clogging the condensate drain whose function is to carry the moisture away.

Clogging signs include dripping sound inside the unit and a pool of water present on the floor near the A/C. The HVAC specialists recommend cleaning the drain with water and bleach regularly.


Apart from these, other issues you could be facing with your residential HVAC system this spring might consist of water leaks, overdue filter change, thermostat malfunction, tripped circuits, cracks in the ductwork, and more. The best remedy for HVAC problems is to inspect and maintain them through reliable HVAC contractors at the start of the spring season so that your A/Cs can maintain optimal cooling throughout the house during the upcoming summertime.



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