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TOP 5 of Best Shopping Spots in America!



TOP 5 of Best Shopping Spots in America!

When you are on a business trip, you may have some free time to spend for yourself. You can go here and there visiting interesting places, restaurants, and other things not related to your work and business. Don’t forget to go and buy funny souvenirs for your friends! Having a big plan to buy something more expensive than a small souvenir, you’d better take a car and start your luxury shopping right now. It is not a problem to find the best car rental for under 25 and adult drivers. And even if shopping is not the main reason for your trip, you can find many interesting things and buy something really rare. It takes you a minute or two to find a good car and go shopping! And you are really lucky if your business trip goes by visiting one of the world’s popular fashion cities.

Love to shop? Looking for a place to forget about your job and get a life, feed information into your GPS and drive the car to the best shopping mall in the city. It’s ok if your business trip passes by Milan, Rome, and Paris. Even here, in America, you can find many interesting shopping places.

What are they?

1. Go to New York

What is the most popular shopping place in New York? It is Fifth Avenue! This fashion street is popular not only in New York but all over America. Do you want to create the most impressive business look? Buy something from Gucci and Armani! Just go along the street and enjoy the variety of popular brands and luxury stores. Of course, get ready to meet many interesting people here, especially on weekends and holidays.

2. Go to Beverly Hills, California

What is the best-visited place in California for the lovers of luxury? Rodeo Drive is a big dream of every shopper! You are so lucky if you have a business trip to California. Beverly Hills is a city of more than a hundred shops and fashion ateliers. You can buy something from Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, Versace, and have some sushi for dinner. Beverly Hills is a real shopping paradise.


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3. Go to San Francisco, California

Meet one more shopping city in California! It’s all about San Francisco. This city is as popular for shoppers as New York. It is full of shopping centers, malls, and fashion boutiques. You can find many fashion houses and all the legendary brands here. Also, you should never miss unique and interesting vintage shops in the Haight-Ashbury district. This is the best place for souvenirs! Looking for modern brands and design studios, you should go to Union Square. Never miss Chinatown and a huge farmers market at the Ferry Building. This is a place to buy local delicacies, and get a great bargain.

4. Go to Chicago, Illinois

If you once heard about Michigan Avenue or so-called the Magnificent Mile, you can find it in Chicago. This is a shopping mecca and people all over America come here to find something really special. More than 500 fashion stores are situated there. You can find shops of all brands and sizes. You can’t leave this place without a new cocktail dress or a new perfume. Your shopping bag will be full in an hour! Do you know what is the most popular place for all shoppers in Chicago? Seek Vintage is one of them. Actually, vintage shops become more and more popular this year. Also, you can’t find a better place to buy souvenirs. How about that old book? It seems very ancient and interesting. You can buy one of many original vinyl albums or a new belt from the past century. You feel like you walking in the art gallery, don’t you?

5. Go to Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a well-known place for all family travelers. Everyone knows about the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studio. All kids go crazy about Walt Disney World and other theme parks which are many in Orlando. You are lucky if you have your business meeting in Florida. Many people come across the country to do their luxury shopping HERE! You can find more than 500 modern shops and outlets. What is more, the prices here are lower than in New York or Chicago. Hunting for the best of the best clothes, go to International Drive. You can find %50 off for Nike, Levis, and other popular brands. To make your business trip even more interesting, you can visit the nearest theme park together with your colleagues.

The list is not full! America is a big country with many big cities. Each and every city can boast its own so-called fashion street. You’d better find a parking for your car and go shopping!



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