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Rounding Up The Top 8 Best-Animated Videos Made By Businesses Over The Years!

Shah Anas



Rounding Up The Top 8 Best-Animated Videos Made By Businesses Over The Years!

In the modern world, brands have to leverage multiple tools and mediums to reach their target audience. This includes social media marketing, paid email campaigns, paid advertisements, blog posts, and so on. Similarly, 2D animation is a tool that helps businesses grow by helping them better engage their audience, increase visibility, and attract more users.

What makes 2D animation a unique tool?

Well, it’s cost-effective and far more engaging than any other medium. According to Invisia, viewers retain 95% of the message they get from a video, as opposed to only 10% while reading a text.

This makes video content and 2D animation an asset for businesses across various sizes. 2D animation is changing the face of marketing by driving more traffic, more engagement, and more profits.

Therefore, we’ve decided to share our top 8 best-animated videos made by businesses over the years, so you know what kind of videos drive results.

But before that, let’s take a brief look at our criteria for selecting the best 2d animation videos:

Our Criteria

These are the things we’ve analyzed across the animated videos we watched to come up with the list of the top 8 best-animated videos.


We analyzed the scriptwriting of each of the videos to see if it’s compelling in nature and if it relays all the relevant information in a systematic manner. We also ensured if the script was easy to follow and whether it was easily understandable to laymen.


Within 2D animation videos, the use of audio and visual cues can help you bring out your brand persona and voice. When choosing our pick for the list, we analyzed whether the brand persona shined through the video or not. Indeed, only those that showcased the persona, according to us, made our list.

Voiceover Quality

While this is generally neglected, we put our ears out there to check the voiceover quality. The enunciation, the emotion, the clarity, and the speed at which the voiceover was done – all of this play a crucial role in how a video is perceived by a viewer, and thus it mattered the same to us.

Animation Quality

Our animators assessed and analyzed the smoothness of the animation, the use of digital assets and elements to convey the message, the colors and theme selections, and the flow of the animation to vet our list to ensure only the best according to our understanding makes it to the list.

Clarity Of The Message

Be it 2D explainer videos, product demo videos, or social ads, 2d videos have a specific goal. It’s either to introduce a product or to identify a problem and exhibit how their product solves that problem explicitly.  We assessed whether the overall message of the video was clear or not, both through audio and visual elements.


Once we saw all the videos, we decided to take another look at them to figure out if they are likely to achieve their end-goal of inspiring a viewer to take action. Whether it was to go to McDonald’s on an elephant, or to download an app, or to subscribe to a service; we identified the CTAs involved and their efficiency within the video.




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Benefits of Animated Videos in Digital Video Marketing


Things We Didn’t Consider As Part Of Our Criteria:

2D Animation Process

While the 2D animation process is a vital part of creating a video, we can’t judge anyone’s process. At the end of the day, whether their process was chaotic or well-structured, it’s the end product that matters, and that’s what we took into account.

2D Animation Software Used

There is plenty of 2D animation software out there, such as Adobe Animate and After Effects. The choice of software depends on the comfort level of the 2D animators and their expertise, and as long as you can deliver top-notch video animation with your choice of platform, it shouldn’t be considered a problem.

Our Top-8 Best 2d Animation Videos Made By Businesses.

Amazon Smart Home

Amazon’s efforts to improving the living standard for people by bringing convenience to their lives are exhibited by their steps within IoT, presenting to you Amazon Smart Home.

The visual elements within the video play a fundamental role in helping a viewer place themselves in the shoes of the character. The video centralizes the character by reducing moving elements around it, making the character (which is the user of the Smart Home) stand out.

This makes it easier to show the convenience and simplicity of the character’s life, which is then attributed to their product, delivering a strong message with the real-life value shown in the video. Furthermore, the video uses simple 2D animation tips and tricks such as not over-animating and using clear and soothing colors to drive home the feeling of comfort and convenience.


Slack’s approach to creating an explainer video is full of ingenuity and creativity. The 2d animation video uses no voiceover and is still able to convey the value of their product.

They utilize vibrant colors throughout the picture to exhibit a sense of chaos in the life of the main character. The main idea is to highlight a lack of organization, and they do it very well with just the visual elements.

With a clear storyline, the video progresses to showcase how slack brings order, organization, and easiness into the life of the character. This is portrayed by bringing a sense of organization to the design elements on the screen but also in the body language of the main character.

It’s creative, it’s clear, it gets the message across, and it highlights the brand’s value and offers a call-to-action for viewers to make their lives more organized with Slack.

McDonald’s – Drive-Thru Car Free Day

In 2017, McDonald’s Brazil decided to create an activation that invited its customers to come to their drive-thru by using carbon-free transport.

The video is incredibly engaging, stays true to a globally recognized brand voice without sounding unnecessarily promotional.

The animated video is incredibly engaging with people riding giant animals, skating, and riding cycles to McDonald’s.

To further add engagement and a bit of fun, there’s a Mario-like animation at the end, which really illustrates the creativity that went behind this video.

Based on our criteria, we assessed that the script is impressive and ensures that nothing is over-done, and the quality of the animation is up there amongst the best. Take a look at it yourself.


Chipotle’s approach to animated videos brings out the best of story-telling and branding without the use of words. With only a song as the audio, the video exhibits the values of the business around ethical farming and a unique animation style that you don’t see quite often.

Though there’s no obvious Call-To-Action, the attempt to resonate with the values of their target audience, Chipotle’s messaging is a Call-To-Action in and off itself. It attempts to create a relationship with consumers based on values in a creative and engaging manner.


TraQtion makes our list because it checks all the boxes that we’ve highlighted in the section above. The script and messaging are clear throughout the video. It establishes a clear problem and explains how their platform solves that problem and ends with a clear Call-To-Action.

The animation quality is incredibly appealing, with the movements of the character cueing the script in a perfect manner. They use animation and script together to not just explain the product but to also add a bit of flair and humor.

It’s refreshing and engaging not just because of its animation but also the tone of the voiceover, which complements the overall video incredibly well.


PandaDoc’s 2D explainer video reminds us of what wonders simplicity can achieve. By doing nothing fancy but incorporating the essential use-cases and benefits of using the platform, they were able to create a compelling case for why their target audience should leverage PandaDoc.

It combines the voiceover with background music to make the video easier to watch and groove the video up for engagement, excitement, and even branding purposes. It’s simple, and it’s effective, and that’s why it makes our list of top 8.

Global IT Park

Global IT Park’s 2D animated explainer video oozes quality production. The smoothness of the animation and frames exhibits professional production.

Their video uses a rather slow approach to information dispensation with the gradual introduction of new ideas within the video.

This makes it easier for the laymen to digest the information with the help of the visual elements without any complications.

In its visual quality, the animated video is clear, and the scripting behind the video ensures that each piece of content is established and delivered clearly with the help of the voiceover and visual content.


Routific’s explainer video is one of the best because it shows how simple color choices can help bring out your branding in a 2d animated video. They use their brand colors to differentiate elements from one another throughout the video.

The video uses simple elements such as dots and a pie chart to drive home their value-driven platform and its benefits. Notice how they explained a complicated part of the process in such simple terms with the help of the animation and an excellent voiceover.

Their messaging remains clear throughout the video, establishing a problem and its solution present in their platform. I mean, what’s a better CTA than showcasing why your product does a job far better than anyone else in the business, and that’s why Routific makes our list.

Rounding It Up:

The names on our list are evidence of the power of 2D video animation as a marketing tool. Based on these videos, we hope that you’ve taken away the right knowledge about what makes 2D animated videos successful, profitable, and engaging.

There is no one element that makes a compelling video. It’s the combination of individual elements made to ensure compatibility and synergy between them. That’s what it takes to create a video that is clear, impactful, and rich in value for its viewers to achieve success in the digital world.



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Shah Anas is a Business Development Executive who believes in the responsibility of businesses to give back to society. Away from the office, Shah loves to talk about sports and politics and is always ready to post a long status on trending topics.

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