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Top Ten Blockchain Applications That Changed The World



Top Ten Blockchain Applications That Changed The World

Blockchain technology enables the exchange of value over the internet without an intermediary. It is a distributed ledger that archives transactions chronologically. Also, provides a mechanism to control errors, manipulation, and security as well as data quality.

Nowadays, everything is online. Starting from the banking transactions to shopping and communication, people rely on the online platform. However, everything we do online is gets recorded and there is a chance of user’s privacy and security damage. While the introduction of Blockchain made this safer as well as faster. However, these applications are a lot of traction within India as well as all over the world.

Especially, Banking and Insurance blockchain application. These applications require cryptocurrency exchange which is robust and reliable. In fact, any crypto exchange development company in India as well as in the world should consider these basic requirements of blockchain applications.

So, we can say that Blockchain became the power of the internet. Because it introduces many blockchain applications that changed the way of online transactions and communication.

Here are the top ten Blockchain applications that changed the world.

Blockchain-based Messaging apps

Blockchain-based encrypted messaging is getting popular in the world for many features. Such as privacy, security and P2P currency exchange. These apps allow users to connect and share information, pictures & messages, etc. So, what’s new in that? Well, with blockchain-based Messaging apps, users can connect without having to be on the same platform.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain-based smart contracts are intended to facilitate, verify, or implement the negotiation or performance of a contract digitally. In fact, there is no need to pay third-party.

Blockchain is a decentralized system. Also, it exists between all permitted parties. Thus, there is no need to pay extra money to intermediaries. However, these applications can run more sophisticated functions.


Many doubts the Digital voting system for poor data security and the possibilities of data manipulation. But blockchain-based voting applications are verifiable and transparent. In fact, these applications could permit anybody to confirm that votes are legitimate by auditing the blockchain.



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Cryptocurrency wallet

Blockchain emerged with cryptocurrency. In very less time, people all over the world are using cryptocurrencies for several online transactions. Includes, Ridesharing, online shopping, and many other online payments are done with cryptocurrencies. As per several stats, India is a huge market for all kinds of e-commerce businesses.

In fact, many Indians are moving towards digital currency transactions. Also, it increases the number of crypto exchange development company in India. However, the world witnessed the power of cryptocurrency in 2009. From that time, many cryptocurrency wallets were developed to provide payment options using cryptocurrencies.

Food Tracking

Nowadays, people prefer ordering food online. Also, the availability of food delivery services made this fast and user-friendly. However, blockchain-based food tracking applications allowed the real-time tracking of food from source to the shop that you order food. So, users can check all the details about the food that they are eating.

Healthcare applications

Obviously, patient data is crucial and needs to be secure. Also, to provide the best care these data should be easily available whenever necessary. However, Blockchain-based patient monitoring applications are best to store and manage health records. It is a secure and single blockchain platform that connect doctors, patient, and other care providers. So that they can work together to provide the best care to the patient.

Distributed Cloud Storage

Blockchain-based distributed cloud storage protects the files, both on the nodes and in transmission. Also, cryptography encryption makes sure that all data is secure. In fact, it avoids the need for cloud intermediaries. Furthermore, it provides verifiable back up for tamper-proof data.

Real Estate

Blockchain technology is popularizing for real estate transactions. It enables advanced leasing, purchase and sale transactions. Also, increased transparency and security. Thus, reduce the time and cost associated with real estate transactions.

Decentralized social media applications

Any social media platforms use the personal information of users. Hence, indirectly raising privacy and security issues. In fact, these platforms are centralized and controlled by some well-known big firms. However, Blockchain technology allows the development of decentralized, promising, and secure applications. Thus, users finding blockchain-based social media applications more trustworthy.

Also, these decentralized apps can be developed in the best and least difficult way. For example, using Ethereum. But it required basic coding skills. In fact, the best PHP web development company in India as well as in the world, prefer Ethereum to develop decentralization apps.

Stock Exchange

Generally, in this business, the stocks and bond settlement and clearing could be delay by two or three days. Sometimes, this delay can be more than that. Thus, shares and money are frozen for that period. Which is surely not favorable. However, trading stocks on blockchain offer instant settlement and clearing. Hence, it is more cost-effective.



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