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Types of Optimization in SEO & How SEO works?



Types of Optimization in SEO & How SEO works?

Specialists subdivide optimization in SEO into three types: white, grey, and black. In the first case, this is works on the internal and external characteristics of the site, using the allowed methods. Grey balances on the verge of prohibition and blocking. Often grey methods are resorted to increasing the popularity of the resource. For example, before any event. Search engines can block such a resource, or they can skip it. Black optimization uses forbidden promotion methods. For example, the surge in traffic, manipulation of behavioral factors, and more. Today, search engines easily calculate the “drafts” and block their sites. Black hat SEO is illegal in Google’s policy so that why everyone is doing and all the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi are teaching White Hat SEO.

Next, we will consider the white way of promotion, as the safest and most effective in the future. It is based on a set of works on internal and external website optimization.


Internal optimization

After 2016, search engines began to place high demands on the quality of resources, the significance of the internal characteristics of the site increased dramatically. What is important for successful promotion in the TOP:

Qualitative semantic core of the site. Key searches continue to play a significant role in search ranking. Therefore, any successful resource should have a base of high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency phrases on their subject. The frequency of requests is a very arbitrary value. The average values ​​are as follows: HF – over 3 thousand requests per month, MF – up to 3 thousand requests, LF – from 100 to 1000 requests. The semantic core allows you to create a site structure and prepare relevant content. Correspondingly, high-quality semantics shortens the period of a site’s output to the TOP.

Technical optimization is designed to improve the site structure, speed up the opening of pages and make it convenient to navigate through the resource. Relinks help users and search engines better navigate the site. Be sure to create a sitemap page map as well as robots.txt. Put outgoing links in “no follow”, and close all technical information from indexing with the tag “no index”.

Troubleshooting You need to carefully check the site for duplicate pages or content, broken links, “junk code”. In addition, it is important to monitor the download speed of the resource. If it is low, optimize the images. Modern sites have a simple design but at the same time great functionality. It is important to strike a balance between stylish design and page loading speed.


Content optimization

The presence of headings H1-H6 accelerates the indexing of new articles. Having a clear structure makes it easier for users and PS robots to perceive content. But here you also need to comply with the measure. Use the H1 tag once per page and preferably with a key request. Subtitles H2 … H6 creates an understandable article structure and also uses search phrases in them.

Types of Optimization in SEO & How SEO works?


The usefulness and uniqueness of the content. The goal of the search engine is to satisfy the needs of the user – that is, to provide the most relevant content. The robot reads information from the texts of the site and determines whether it suits the request or not. However, the usefulness and authority of a resource are determined later. A site will be prominently displayed if its content is useful to users, they are shared on the network, recommended, and read. A search engine determines the usefulness of a site using behavioral factors. High-quality content is one of the main factors of the loyalty of visitors and PS SEO Tools.

Internal optimization is a laborious but necessary stage of promotion. If you, of course, want to see your site in the TOP 10. The triad of the main properties of a successful resource: quality content, fast loading, easy navigation.


External optimization

All work on external website optimization comes down to building the credibility of a resource on the network. That is, to obtain a quality reference mass. Since 2012, search engines began to heavily ban link cheaters. Today, if your resource is linked 200-500 times from unauthorized sites, then you can easily fall under the filters. However, 10-15 links, for example, from Wikipedia, can help the site advance in search results.

To build a natural reference mass follows the rules:

Show the search engine that the content on the site is good for people — behavioral factors.

Post new content regularly and increase visitor engagement metrics.

Use CMM technology. Popular groups, communities in social networks are well indexed by search engines.

Get active on-topic forums and blogs to keep your eyes open.

Share links with popular and non-spammed resources. Increase the weight of the site carefully, do not forget about the internal parameters.

It is also important to conduct an audit of the resource and competitive analysis to identify the shortcomings of the site and promising development paths.


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The Art of Creating Engaging SEO Driven Content

The Art of Creating Engaging SEO Driven Content


Terms and cost of promotion

Work on internal and external optimization is far from a complete list of factors that affect the timing of site promotion in the TOP. Each search engine uses its own ranking algorithms. Applicants for high lines in extradition must meet their requirements.

To speed up search engine promotion, you should consider as many factors as possible. Here are the main points:

The age of the resource and the level of trust of search engines. For quick access to the TOP, you can buy suitable domains with age and a loyal ratio of PS;

Attendance and behavioral factors. You won’t get anywhere from them. Popular and reputable sites are faster in the lead;

Competition. If your site is one of the chosen topics, then the PS has no choice but to put it first in the search results. But if there is no competition, then at 99% there is no demand. Another option is when there are thousands of sites with similar content in a hot niche. What resource will be in the TOP, only the search engine knows;

High-quality semantic core and professional content optimization. The texts should use not only high-frequency queries but also mid-range and low-frequency phrases. This is the fastest way to TOP issuance.


Quality external links from reputable resources.

In any case, do not wait for the result from SEO before 3-4 months. Also, you should not accelerate the promotion through the bulk purchase of links. This will lead to a non-natural weight gain of the site and, as a result, to search engine sanctions.


The cost of promotion depends on the following factors:

Comprehensive SEO is teamwork. To promote the project, an optimizer, a content manager, a specialist in CEO, a copywriter, an analyst, and a webmaster are involved. The services of a large team are always more expensive;

The state of the resource, its age, budget for the purchase of links, an advertising campaign;

Level of competition. The hotter the niche, the more optimized sites there are. This complicates the withdrawal of the resource in the TOP. Accordingly, the cost of promotion increases sharply;

Behavioral factors and authority. The higher they are, the lower the cost of SEO promotion;

Geography of promotion. For example, the conclusion of a site in the TOP-10 in Moscow and other megalopolises of the Russian Federation costs an order of magnitude more expensive than in provincial cities.


Benefits of Search engine optimization

What is SEO compared to contextual and banner advertising? First of all, this is relatively free traffic. Even taking into account all payments to specialists for promotion in the TOP, attracting one visitor is cheaper. In addition, traffic from natural delivery is around the clock, has no time limit and budget. If the resource is in the TOP, then it collects 75-90% of search queries in a niche. Knocking out a high-quality website from a leading position is not easy you can also enroll in best advanced SEO course.



We learned from the article that SEO site optimization is a comprehensive work on the withdrawal of the resource in the TOP search results of Yandex and Google. We examined the history of the development of this technology, types of optimization, and advantages. Identified factors that affect the timing and cost of promotion.



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