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5 Best Universities for Distance Education in Kuwait



5 Best Universities for Distance Education in Kuwait

The education (also includes distance education) system in Kuwait is a clear indicator of importance associated with education in the Arab nation. A student must go through 12 years of compulsory education. It comprises of primary, intermediary, and secondary Education. In the wake of recent developments in education, Kuwait has matched the pace. There are several best universities for distance education in Kuwait. Some of them are listed in this article.


Top Universities for Distance Education in Kuwait

1. Annamalai University

It is ranked 11th among the top 30 universities in India by The Nielsen- India Today in 2017. Annamalai University is one of the high-quality universities for distance education in Kuwait.

Annamalai University works along with Apachia overseas study centre. It is the only authorized centre of Annamalai University for distance education. If you are looking for Annamalai University Distance Education in Kuwait, approach the Salmiya and Mangaf centres of Apachia.

The courses offered here include MBA (2 years), BBA (3 years) and B.Ed. (2 years). The Curriculum for distance learning here is accredited by the Ministry of Kuwait. It is also certified by the University Grants Commission and Distance Education Council, India. Indian Embassy Kuwait is responsible for conducting proper and timely examination for distance learning in Kuwait.

Each course has different basic requirements. For MBA you must submit Passport Copy, Degree Certificate Copy and Passport Size Photographs. For BBA, a pre-university exam or any other equivalent exam is a must. For B.Ed., you have to submit a degree or any other exam which makes you eligible for admission. These essential requirements differ course wise.


2. University of Leicester

It is one of the oldest universities in the UK. The University of Leicester was founded in the year 1921. Since then the university has been stretching its arms to provide quality education to students all around. The University of Leicester is amongst the best universities for distance education in Kuwait. The university works with the University of Stafford and Global Vision for Academic Services, Kuwait. 

The application process in the university has various steps. First, you’ll have to gather relevant documents which vary from course to course. Then, depending on your course, you might also be required to submit a reference. Certificates, transcripts, and personal statements are also needed. You can also apply by post but not all departments accept a postal application.

The university provides for bachelors, masters and Ph.D. courses, each having different requirements for application. However, the English language requirements are compulsory. You need to establish that you are efficient in the language. You can submit your degree of school or university. But it has to be approved by the university that your school or university was teaching in English. Another way can be the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Do not worry if you are unable to have a command over the English language. You can take up their pre-sessional language course. 


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Education is for All Ages with the ELearning Program


3. Harvard University Extension School

A dream to study in Harvard is seen by every scholar. The Harvard Extension carries the mark of Harvard University. Though the learning experience is not the same, it is similar. However, the prestige would certainly be the same. You will be invited to Harvard University for Harvard Commencement as well. This extension of Harvard University can be accessed from the website of the university only. There is no need to contact any regional centre (if there is any).

The Harvard Extension offers various undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are more than 900 online and on-campus courses. The courses include anthropology, archaeology, genetics, and premedical courses. The teaching method adopted here is majorly video lectures. However, teachers here may not be regular Harvard university faculties.

The registration process for Harvard Extension starts by creating an account without any other formality. But there are certain essentials that you have to clear to get enrolled in Harvard extension. You have to excel in at least 3-degree courses to qualify for a bachelor’s course. For a master’s course, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 degrees. You will also have to take the test of critical reading and writing skills. Or you can submit an official transcript to satisfy the English proficiency test.


4. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU is a flagship Indian University for distance learning. The knowledge imparted by the university is in-depth and has a broad scope for student development. IGNOU is a popular name in Universities for Distance Education in Kuwait. In Kuwait, IGNOU works in partnership with Gulf Centre for University Education, Shuwaikh.

The distance education courses offered by IGNOU are MBA, BA, B.Com. among many others. The process of admission is very simple. You will only have to create an account. Then, upload certain documents and wait for confirmation. After these simple steps, you are good to go.


5. Boston University

Boston University is another well-known British university. From the year 2002, Boston University has started its online study program. It has a highly functioning centre in Kuwait. The same faculty which teaches in the college also manages the distance learning program. 

Boston University offers an online degree and certificate program. Online lectures course material is available which makes doubt clearance easier. Recording of lectures from experts and visiting faculties is another benefit of this distance education program.

The range of subjects covered by this university is vast. It includes Analytics, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Law, Music Education, and many other programs. 


There are various universities available for distance education in Kuwait. However, you need to ensure that your valuable time and money are invested in the right place. You need to have detailed information about the courses a university offers and its registration process.

You must also understand that language can be a barrier. It is due to this factor, most of the universities ask for your score in the language proficiency test. Last but not least, your university must also be recognized as one. The above-provided details can act as a comprehensive guide to all these relevant issues.



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