Valentine's Day in Australia: How They Celebrate and Date Ideas
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Valentine’s Day in Australia: How They Celebrate and Date Ideas

Love month is coming! Are you excited? Valentine’s Day is a time to express your true feelings with your special someone–even supposing those feelings might not be reciprocated. Couples enjoy some exclusive time together and refresh themselves why they fell in love in the first place. It’s a fun occasion where people swap romantic gifts between their friends, family and beloved’s. 

Australia, the land of the kangaroo is known to be a famous romantic destination. Greeting cards sell like warm pizzas during Valentine’s season in Australia. And being a culturally rich place, the sovereign country shows that even in the display of Valentine’s Day celebration. Australia has many attractive landscapes and wonderful natural sightseeing. Valentine’s Day in Australia has a distinct history of its own. They don’t just consider it a lover’s day. It’s an occasion for everybody to enjoy their unconditional love towards anyone or anything. You can even get your puppy a ribbon during the Valentine’s! 

Traditions In Australia 

Valentine's Day in Australia: How They Celebrate and Date Ideas

Believe it or not, there’s actually a story behind the expensive Valentine’s Day celebrations of Australia. They believe that during the gold rush period, miners became very rich due to the new wealth discovered from the Ballarat mines. Miners ordered lush valentine’s functions to convey happiness in their success. They give out loads of lavish gifts, sweet treats to people and their celebrations improve the posh streets of Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra. 

According to, there are studies that indicate that men are more romantic than women. There are 58% of men who buy valentine greeting cards while only 41% of Australian buy greeting cards for their men. Valentine’s Day is considered to be a women’s day in their country because men buy gifts to impress and show their love for the woman of their life. The celebration in Australia takes place with weeklong music carnivals and amateur theatre fest in the towns of Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney. These celebrations normally end up as mega multicultural events that showcase a vivid display of Australia’s ethnic art and craft activities, fun shows, and sports competitions.



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Ordinary people normally go for an outing or meeting friend and relatives on Valentine’s Day. It’s even proclaimed a holiday in Australia. People trade flower bouquets, which is an early and traditional Valentine’s gift but flowers still have the charisma to charm people. Candies and flowers can give a smile to people’s faces. In fact, it’s the world’s leading floral rally brand in Australia. They have a wide selection of bouquets and arrangements that are ideal for any Valentine’s day. 

Australian people like to use traditional gift methods of Valentine’s Day while a modern cult email and SMS to send their love messages. Just as the same as other people across the globe, Australians like to take gifts such as routine romantic gifts and arrangement like a candlelight dinner, stuffed toys for children or adults, red balloon, sexy lingerie, freemanX gifts which span from skydiving to sailing cruises and tickets to live adrenaline adventure experience on Valentine’s day. 

Amount Spent on Valentine’s Day 

Valentine's Day in Australia: How They Celebrate and Date Ideas

According to Canstar Blue’s survey, they found out that the younger you are, the more you are likely to spend, but on average Aussies anticipate to splurge  $44.32 on gifts for their partner. You can choose whether you think that’s a good amount or not. 

Possibly unsurprisingly, men ($52.19) most likely to spend more than women ($36.71). The survey concludes that 36% of overall survey respondents agreed that men should make more of an effort than women on Valentine’s Day. Plus, you might want to know that 42% of women agreed with that statement compared to 29% of men. 

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

Valentine's Day in Australia: How They Celebrate and Date Ideas

Rooftop Romance 

When it’s a heart talk, there’s nothing that quite competes to panoramic views and champagne. Right? You may want to get cosy and admire spectacular views of the city skyline at Sydney’s popular, The Royal Paddington rooftop. The Royal Paddington will provide food service for lucky-in-love guests on the rooftop. You may indulge in a bottle of Moet & Chandon and 2x mouth-watering side plates. So book early because these types of places are limited. 

Refreshing Beachside Retreat 

Valentine’s day is perfect to enjoy romantic getaways. It’s necessary to try and keep the romance going by refreshing the relationship with a perfect beach retreat. We highly recommend visiting Kims Beachside Retreat located in Toowoon Bay, NSW. It’s situated within a bamboo rainforest, the perfect ideal luxury escape in the Central Coast. 

Country Spa Escape 

If you want a spa that’s unique, then try visiting El Questro located in Western Australia. This floor-to-ceiling windows, luxury furnishings, spa baths, and unlimited views over the rugged, natural countryside are your idea of a great time, then this place has everything for you and your partner’s needs.  

Nestled atop the Chamberlain Gorge, the Homestead has awe-inspiring views from all sides, as well as a satisfying feeling of seclusion. You’ll get an experience of what it’s like to be in the middle of nowhere and you’ll never want to leave. 

Romantic Cruise 

Feel like your in a Titanic movie as you walk through lovely Maria Island, Freycinet Peninsula and the Tasman Peninsula by day; drink local wines and indulge in fresh oysters by sunset, and then have some essential R & R to the gentle rock of your yacht by night. You may experience this by getting tour offers from the Tasmanian Walking Company’s unique Wineglass Bay Sail Walk. 


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