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Victor Fontanez: Making a Difference in the Barbering Industry through his Unique Mindset

Chukwuma Agugbue



Victor Fontanez: Making a Difference in the Barbering Industry through his Unique Mindset

Twenty-year old, an entrepreneur and a barber, Victor Fontanez is from Fayetteville in North Carolina. A small town with barely enough resources to pursue success. Victor has been able to defy all odds by taking on a unique mindset that has allowed him to build his empire. In this article, we will learn what gives the will and courage to move forward.

Setting The Bar High

Every time clients sit in his chair, something phenomenal happens. Their new haircut doesn’t only change their haircut, it also changes their whole mood and raises their confidence levels.

Apart from this, Victor also puts out content on social media that is set to improve the lives of his audience and runs an online academy that teaches barbers to be individually unique.

Victor thinks of his young age, along with his energy and his content, as the reason he stands out in his field. He says that there is no one his age that is providing the kind of quality content that he is putting out there.

Drawing Inspiration 

“Family comes first on the list of people that motivate him, after family, his next source of inspiration would be the people that look up to him. Victor came to the realization that life isn’t about how much you make, instead, it’s about how much service you provide to others.”

If you’re finding it hard to amass the required motivation to succeed Victor shares with us a few words of inspiration.

“Find your purpose, and wake up every day making sure you fulfill it. We were not put on this earth to make money, buy material and die. Every single one of us has a purpose that we need to fulfill. So whatever it is that you’re doing, remember it’s bigger than your own pockets. Remember the vision God gave you and don’t lose your faith. It gets greater later.”

Maintaining Focus

Victor shares that the words of Eric Thomas ‘Give up what is good for what is great’, are what turned his life around for the better. Before he achieved success, Victor listed out the things that made him feel good and told it apart from the things that made him great. 

Things like smoking and drinking, partying with friends and hanging out with them, they were all good. But Victor knew that bringing his dream and making it a reality was a top priority. With that actualization, he began to drop the good things for the great things.

Victor advises that you should be ready to drop anything or anyone that would veer you off course. If you are able to give it up, the next step would be giving it your everything. He believes that it is important to pay attention to the people that you surround yourself with.

Future Plans

In the future, Victor plans to visit his hometown and set up give back, some charity events and workshops to show enlighten kids on the power of hard work and entrepreneurship. Victor also plans on expanding his personal brand, when asked how he’s going to achieve these goals, he said this;

“I feel like everybody knows VicBlends the Barber, but I want to show everybody, Victor Fontanez, the entrepreneur and how I took my craft and turned it into a global brand. 

A lot of people still look at me as just a barber, but there are principles and values to success and business that I’ve picked up over the years that I can now teach back to anybody to do the same no matter what industry or craft you’re into. This year is going to be huge for me in every aspect, business, personal, and spiritually.”



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