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Voice Interface Technology: The Future of Business



Voice Interface Technology: The Future of Business

Nowadays, we’re not surprised when we hear other people talking to someone who isn’t there. It all started in 2011 with the introduction of Siri. Experts always knew this tech will do well, but they didn’t expect it to become a driver for so much innovation. In 2020, almost everyone uses a smartphone or another device that comes with a voice interface feature. More and more professionals use it for work and companies now decide to utilize it in their offices. But what exactly does the future hold for this tech in the business world? Read on to find out.

Compatibility and Integration

Who says your virtual assistant can only connect to other apps on your devices? This tech can already do much more, and it will only continue to evolve in the next few decades. For now, it can connect with other smart products. If you use Alexa, you’ve probably already noticed that it is integrated into a plethora of products. We’re talking about devices ranging from smart TVs to smart refrigerators. Google has finally caught on and had recently announced the tech called Google Assistant Connect. With virtual assistants like this, professionals will be able to get their work done better than ever before. This is exactly why we can expect to see even more voice-enabled devices being released in 2020.

Impact on digital marketing

Nowadays, all businesses invest in digital marketing. If your business isn’t online, chances are you’ll never be as successful as some of your competitors. But the digital marketing as we know it may never be the same once voice interface technology takes the next big step. Big companies know that more and more users are browsing the web using this technology and they’ll look to adjust. They’ll start creating content that suits your ears and not your eyes. Not only will you get to browse the web using voice, but your results will appear in audio format. Therefore, expect your virtual assistant delivering content marketing posts in the future. Both visual and voice search will also impact SEO, so prepare for even more changes in digital marketing.

Voice Interface Technology: The Future of Business



Affecting all industries

Voice interface technology will change almost all industries out there. Just think about it. You can now access almost every piece of information using only your voice. Let’s say you’re into online casino games. Brands like Apple have nailed voice search, but what about online casinos? The good news is that they’re already implementing this technology and will do so even more in the future. There are places online where you can learn more about voice-controlled online casino games and their future. For example, visit AskGamblers to find out which casinos already implement voice control. When it comes to banking, voice interface will completely change the way we pay for stuff. Banks are already preparing transactions made by voice only.

Streamlined conversations

Whether you’re already using voice interface technology or you just heard people use it, you know how it works. The user says a “wake word” and starts a new line of conversation with their virtual assistant. For example, the user might ask “Siri, what’s the current temperature at the office thermostat?” If they wanted her to change the thermostat to 22 degrees, they’d have to start the next sentence with “Siri” once again. Both Google and Amazon recently announced that this is something they’ll change soon. It will become possible for the user to have streamlined conversations with their assistant, resulting in better user experience.



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Speech-to-Text tools

Ever since the AIs feature first emerged, it has had a huge impact on all aspects of our everyday lives such as telecommunication. However, now when voice interface technology is gaining even more attention, it’s bound to affect our lives even more. Not so long ago, Google released an AI-driven tool that converts audio to text using a number of algorithms. This means that the voice feature now does much more than just help us search the way. Speech-to-text tools allow you to take notes on the go or write without spending time in front of the screen. With the voice-enabled features evolving so much, we can only try to imagine what they’ll be able to do in a few decades.

Individualized experience

Virtual assistants are constantly evolving and one thing they now do better is differentiating between voices. This is great news for offices that use Google Home. This technology now supports six accounts and can detect unique voices. Therefore, if an employee wants to check their schedule for the day, they can just turn to Google Home. Also, you can now link this tech to your other accounts and take your experience to the next level. Whether you use Spotify or Google Play, linking accounts to your Google Home shouldn’t be tough. Similarly, Alexa can now also differentiate between voices. All you have to do is ask her to learn your voice if you want to create separate profiles on your device.

Voice Interface Technology: The Future of Business


Preparing for voice in business

Everything we talked about earlier has the potential to change the way people work. Whether it’s controlling your office thermostat with voice or using the speech-to-text feature, voice interface technology can be helpful. Besides mentally preparing for the integration of these new features into the office, businesses will also have to make some physical changes. For example, they’ll need to adjust their budgets and be ready to invest more in voice interface technology. Each office will need at least one integrator that can handle voice-activated devices. These things will need to be placed in convenient locations where they can hear every employee’s commands.

The bottom line

Voice interface technology has already had a major impact on our everyday lives and it will continue to do the same. Not only this, but we can expect to see all kinds of new features becoming available soon. Voice-enabled devices will follow as we’ll start relying on voice rather than typing more and more.



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