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What Does It Take To Start A Business



What Does It Take To Start A Business

To start a business is not for everyone. If you have a passion for something or have a gazillion business ideas, you probably need to start a business. If you have been coming up with all kinds of business ideas of inventions since you were 5, chances are you will not be happy with your working life until you are running your own business.

Starting a business takes vision, guts and an unrelenting persistence to be successful. More than just a great idea, you have to be willing to grind, learn, grow, sacrifice, lead, delegate, grind some more, and believe to make a business work. There are road maps for some businesses but even with a road map, you have to follow a path and use your skill set to stand out in your market.

Think about Chic Fil A and Raising Cane’s chicken restaurants. Both have tasty food yet they follow different paths to be successful. Chic Fil A hires a large very friendly staff and is known for the best customer service in the fast-food industry. Raising Canes focuses on providing a fun environment for customers and workers.

Use Your Strengths to Start a Business

Even though their main product is the same, both chicken companies go to market differently and in ways that are in line with their company’s strengths. This is how you need to look at starting a business. Sure you can start from scratch and develop everything yourself or you can use an existing road map for a particular business. Either way, you go about starting, the key is to make your business completely unique.

What Does It Take To Start A Business

Use your strengths and experiences to define your business and set it apart from any other in your area. Each person has a unique set of strengths and experiences to pull from, your first homework assignment is to learn what your strengths are.


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Can You Grind?

To build a successful business you need to be able to grind If you do not know what this is, then your second homework assignment is to find out. There will be nights, weekends and early mornings where you will have to work tirelessly to get things done. Don’t worry grinding is not a forever thing, just until you have built systems and processes usually.

What Does It Take To Start A Business

Some people say “I don’t have enough time to build a business.” “I’m just too busy with family and my day job.” That is true for most people that are never going to build a business in the first place. For you, you have to learn to grind and make it a priority. There will be times you don’t want to grind but these are the most crucial to put in work so you can push forward.

You will be surprised at how much time you spend watching TV. If you need to find the time, track your daily activities, and see how much time you are spending on everything for a week. I guarantee you can find 2-4 hours somewhere to grind.


Learn and Grow

The last major attribute to starting a business is to be a student. You need to learn everything. You need to learn your industry, market, competition, all business functions, KPIs, and probably most of all people.

I am not saying you need to be an expert at all of these, you just need to be fluent in these areas. Once you get the business started and things are moving, finding experts to replace you in some of the business roles will be your highest use activity.

What Does It Take To Start A Business

Learning how to be a better you is the most important factor here. You need to constantly improve yourself so that you can be the person that can lead many people. You need to learn how to really think and self-improvement is a key factor in all successful business owners.

I have recently added audible to my drives to learn more while I am driving instead of sports radio that I was addicted to. Figure out where you can add learning into your life because it will change your life.

I’ll end with the quote everyone knows: “If you keep doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results, that’s the definition of ???.” you know how that ends. Its time to change.



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