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What is Parallax Scrolling in Web Design?



What is Parallax Scrolling in web design?

In web design, Parallax scrolling is a scrolling technique used on numerous websites creating an illusion of depth. It often has a kind of graphic in the background that moves much more slowly than images in the foreground causing the illusion.

In order to create an experience of parallax scrolling, the developer must consider multiple elements in creating such scrolling effectively and efficiently; as suggested by experts from a web design company in Hamilton.

Web design companies must ensure their clients about parallax scrolling on their websites being captivating and help in attracting customers to their website. It has gained a lot of popularity because it creates a unique level of interaction between the website and the customer that makes such an experience more worthwhile for the consumers.

Many benefits having a Parallax Scrolling offers for the website

The following are key benefits of Parallax scrolling:

  • It brings the customer (or viewer) to a call of action.
  • It attracts visitors with different animations.
  • It increases the website’s credibility.
  • It increases the duration of the stay of the visitor on the website.

Parallax scrolling became popular in Nike’s online branding. The American apparel and sporting goods giant made a web design known as ‘Nike’s better world.’ It incorporated it in various kinds of parallax scrolling and website design templates. Clients can often cite the example of Nike when showing their expertise in parallax scrolling.

This kind of scrolling has been in popular use in showcasing products using 3D technology. New technical advancements in web design give visitors a chance to interact with the website and explore products at their own detour. Most web agencies should be able to create this kind of experience for the website to attract customers.



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Parallax scrolling can also be a great way of telling stories as well and about the company. It is a preferred setting to tell a narrative in an engaging as well as an interactive manner. Because parallax scrolling introduces different layers that respond accordingly to different scrolling techniques customers and users input.

This allows a sense of depth and a multitude of stories to be told. For a web agency to introduce its client to parallax scrolling (especially on their website), it gives them the opportunity to create and make their stories as they like.

At the same time, clients will be able to travel through time with parallax scrolling. A user on the site will be able to watch images move across the screen and shape the company’s narrative and story. At the same time, there is also a unique element to be witnessed. It allows interaction between the user and the site to become exceptional.

In the end, parallax scrolling helps derive a sense of curiosity from customers. It is an essential benefit of such scrolling on a website.

Using techniques of parallax scrolling will help users notice and experience curiosity through the introduction of beautiful images and shapes. Such is used in capturing the viewers’ attention and only revealing information about the product or service at the end of the parallax scrolling experience. This has attracted many a customer to stay longer on the website and see the whole experience unveil before their eyes.

Can freelance developers create parallax scrolling?

Freelance developers need to create a niche first. If they are experienced in parallax scrolling and its techniques, then they are more than welcome to do so. They can also use their portfolio and skill to create a personal brand.

Not only should they get organized but also build up their experience based on projects. They should be brave and be stern with clients.

How to make money online can be answered in a way by being a freelance web developer. But it is hard work. However, the rewards are wide and many, and it will outweigh the hard work put in by a large margin.

Freelancers must make their reputation as a reliable hard and smart worker who is also an honest web developer using the right tools and tech.

Always keep these guiding principles in mind if you wish to work like one: No shortcuts, No rushing a project and never treat any client better or worse than the next one. Always do a good job to get experience and keep up the good work. That is how you are going to become an icon of a freelance web developer and that will also help you get a decent earning online.


Osama Ahmed is an online marketing strategist & writing expert with 3+ years of experience, currently associated with Branex digital agency. Osama got many rewards from different task & strategies as it implemented him

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