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What is social marketing? Social Marketing Success Story



What is social marketing? Social Marketing Success Story

Social Media, Social Marketing, SNS Marketing… These are the words that sound a lot these days. With the spread of smartphones and the emergence of various social media, you can be friends with people who are far away from abroad and can communicate their current news in real-time. The number of people using social media is increasing, and more and more companies are using it for marketing. Unlike media advertisements such as TV and newspapers, social marketing has become a necessity rather than a necessity for companies due to the advantage of being able to see great effects at a low cost. So what exactly is social marketing and what does it have?

Definition of Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing is based on understanding the needs of customers through the sharing of interests and information based on customer contact points of various open and connected social media. A series of communication activities. Social media marketing enables companies to plan new products by reflecting market research and customer ideas to identify potential customer needs in product planning, and in terms of marketing promotions, based on personalized media platforms. It can be used as a new product promotion channel where participation is made. In terms of customer communication, it is possible to listen to customer stories about the company’s products and services for new customers and to strengthen the relationship with customers by talking to loyal customers

Characteristics of Social Marketing

The characteristics of social media marketing are ‘voluntary’, ‘real-time’ and ‘connectivity’. The difference between conventional marketing is that the customer is the subject. They voluntarily use blogs and twitters to actively improve their products with ideas about the company’s products and services. The voluntary participation of customers enters new markets by identifying the hidden needs of customers without incurring huge costs. And you can easily obtain information that can be used for new product planning. Because of these features, attracting a lot of customer voluntary participation in social media marketing is the key to success.



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So what are some examples of success through social marketing? We will introduce success cases by representative social media such as Facebook, Blog, and Twitter.

Starbucks, a global café brand, opened its Facebook page and attracted nearly 34 million fans. Starbucks’s Facebook page was so successful because it almost never commercialized its Facebook page posts, posting coffee-themed poems, images, and more to provide users with comfort and comfort. Users can communicate on Starbucks ‘Facebook page using the brand Coffee and Starbucks, and share Starbucks’ menus, making Starbucks a must-see for those who love Starbucks coffee. This has been.

Mr. Pizza, a Korean pizza brand, has maintained its number one position in customer satisfaction for several years in a row, beating out the top foreign chain stores. One of the secrets was blog marketing for women in their 20s who enjoyed a pizza. In addition to information about pizza, dating tips, dating, etc. that women in their 20s are interested in, including blog events and offers a variety of discounts have been reborn as a blog only for women in their 20s. Mr. Pizza is raising the loyalty of women in their twenties and raising the sales and positive image.

The public agency is Goyang’s Twitter, which has eliminated all the conservative feelings that are hard and inaccessible to the general public. Goyang City uses a similar name to a cat, and the cat is a speaker and runs Twitter. At the end of each word, “ Yang ”, “ ~ Ong ” and other tweets are delivered in a friendly and cute way. As a result, it is a public institution, but it has great success with nearly 25,000 followers.

Social marketing, unlike other marketing, aims to be a customer, communicate with them, and maintain relationships. Each company should be aware of this when conducting social marketing so that they can be successful in social marketing.



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