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When to Wear Lehenga Choli



When to Wear Lehenga Choli

Originating from the Mughal period in India. A Lehenga choli is actually a combination of Persian, Iranian, and Indian cultural elements. The outfit portrays tradition and 

Consisting of three specific pieces that are not altered too much as to change the entire meaning of the outfit. The choli is a short tunic that can possess short sleeves, sleeveless, or long sleeves for extra warmth. The star of the show is actually the lehenga which has evolved into a floor-length skirt that is heavily adorned by embroidery, beadwork, stonework to enhance its attractiveness. The last piece that completes the look but also holds traditional meaning is the dupatta. Commonly made from a different fabric option, it creates a much-needed contrast to the other two components.

Today the lehenga choli is one such outfit that can be worn for a host of occasions such as weddings, parties, engagement ceremonies, receptions and of course festive events. Here we will have a look at all the places the lehenga choli attire can be put to use. 


Worn by guests and even by modern-day brides, lehenga choli is an elegant choice that you cannot go wrong with. Almost any color looks stunning in the graceful style that this outfit has to offer. Adorned with embroidery in a pattern, floral designs or sequins forming images, the skirt is heavy and needs to be fixed tightly to avert a wardrobe malfunction. The blouse can be styled into any cut you wish, traditional styles or even the modern western styles to give your outfit a fresh twist that will be sure to be the talk of the town. Do not forget the dupatta as it binds the entire look, fabrics such as netting are light and provide relief from the heavy articles.No girl is ready to step outside her room without the appropriate accessories to accompany her clothing, likewise for a woman who is to attend a wedding. Weddings are incredibly fashionable events and require all the attendees to dress to impress, so make sure to pull out your most flashy look to keep up.

When to wear lehenga choli

Engagement ceremonies

Although not a very big Indian function, engagement parties have become more prominent recently for couples who wish to have a public announcement of their official pairing and announcement of the wedding date, it also marks the meeting of the boy’s and girl’s family making it a large celebration. It is accompanied by the exchange of rings as done in foreign cultures. Nonetheless, it is an occasion that requires an outfit fit for royalty, this is where the lehenga choli comes into the picture. As your in-laws to be will be there it is an extra reason to dress even more special than ever. You can choose an attire that plays around with different fabric types and textures, one such dress is the choli suit. Different fabrics such as silk, cotton, netting, cotton, jacquard, satin, velvet are all incorporated into the blouse and skirt to create a truly unique number.

When to wear lehenga choli

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Parties are always a call for a shopping expedition as without a doubt all the guests will be fashionably dressed in their most stylish outfits and you will not want to look like a homeless person compared to them. Some outfits are evergreen and do not really go out of fashion, the party wear lehenga is traditional yet classical, sure to keep your style upgraded all year round. With such a wide selection of modern, ethnic and indo-western styles you will be catered for all types of parties, birthdays, reunions or even office parties, there is one for every occasion. Go ahead and wear a matching skirt and tunic that boast of the same embellished designs, or keep it simple with sophisticated with plain or minimalistic modern decorative designs such as sequins, stonework, or even pearls. If the event requires a more hyped up look, pair your skirt with a shirt, blouse or even a crop top to give it an extra westernized spin. Whatever design you choose, you will be sure to be a standout and have all admirers talking about how good you look.

When to wear lehenga choli

Traditional festivals

Traditional and religious events are a common part of our lives and are scattered across the Indian calendar, planning for these events are vital if you want to be appropriately dressed for each occasion. Certain events require certain events and picked out the specific one, which can become troublesome for many women. Therefore having an idea in mind can defuse the situation. Ethnic wear is something every girl or woman has and an even more common staple that should be in all wardrobes is the traditionally styled lehenga choli. Fit for all religious events as it is simply designed with half/long sleeves and a high neckline to avoid showing off too much skin unintentionally. Floral or traditional motifs are the embroidered design of choice.

When to wear lehenga choli

Reception wear

Receptions are an event held a day after the wedding and is actually an opportunity for the groom to introduce his wife to extended family, friends, and close associates. There are no religious rituals involved and the bride is allowed to look as fabulously dressed as she pleases. An elegantly designed choli featuring stunning cuts and styles seem best especially when it is paired up with a skirt that features a similar theme as the top. It is the first time the bride meets acquaintances of the groom and you will want to leave a lasting impression, why not give them an outfit look that will make them remember you forever.

When to wear lehenga choli


Our daily lives involve many special events, some that are planned and some that are unexpected. Regardlessly, we have to pick an outfit that not only looks stylish and fashionable but also tick all the boxes on suitability for the occasion. Wearing an over the top outfit can cause guests to stare (not in a good way). The classic lehenga choli is all-weather, all-occasion wear that is sure to garner the wearer all attention and have her looking like a star.



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