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Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!



Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

“In Dubai, we don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen”- this statement exactly describes the culture of Dubai. The world is a witness to the growth of this city of sand dunes. From a silent city of fisherman to high rise buildings, Dubai has jumped to an appreciable castle.

Dubai has excelled not only in infrastructure but also has become one of the busiest holiday destinations. It has managed to attract a great number of visitors and this charm for Dubai has strong reasons behind it.

Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

Here are some rock-solid factors that make it quite irresistible to pen down Dubai on your travel ranks:

To celebrate the historical buff in you

Though Dubai is on the forefront in terms of technology, modern infrastructure, and all other pre-conditions to be an epicurean city of this blue planet it has an equally significant contribution to the book of chronicles of world. Dubai has a lot to offer you to satiate the historic chamber of your addictions. So if you are a great enthusiast about the heritage and culture of a place the newest visit the archived segment of Dubai, the old Dubai. This place dictates the dimensions of what Dubai used to be before the technology took over.  A subtle, soothing and peaceful city of fishermen lying across the creek is Dubai we can witness in its old quarter. Equivalent to modern Dubai, the classic one also offers you a plethora of amusement and joy. The places we can visit in this segment are the following:

XVA Gallery

It is a very famous art gallery in the Albastakiya quarter of old Dubai. This gallery platform exhibition of major artists and in fact the structure of the gallery itself is a great blend of history and art. This gallery gives a deep insight into authentic Arabic art and culture.

Coffee Museum

Do you always lose control over the beans of caffeine? If yes, then this place is your temple. You can find almost all the flavors of coffee at this place served with an awesome ambiance of traditions and art of coffee brewing. Not only the coffee but also the aura of the place is enough to instill you with ancient Arabic palpation.

Dubai Museum

If you want to witness the roots of Dubai and observe the journey of this land of camels then do visit this museum. It is built in the famous Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787.  This place showers about the rich heritage of Dubai and in fact complete UAE.

The Souks

Everyone wants to collect memories of a place they visit. In old Dubai, we can have a great deal of bartering. Various traditional markets of gold, spices, Emirati clothing, camel milk products, etc. give you great shopping spree in the old Dubai souks zone. Not merely a shopping place but the souks of old Dubai also give you a chance to sneak a peek into traditional windows of this Arabian land.


Thus, Dubai gives you a big chance to jewel yourself with the knowledge of a significant segment of the world which itself is a very big reason to unpack your bags in Dubai. For the sake of entertainment with awareness, do spend your leisurely days in this corner of Emirates.


To direct your adrenaline rush

Adventure and entertainment are one of the biggest factors behind all the tours and trips. Any place which can offer you an appreciable amount of fun and thrill is always kept at the top of priority lists of explorers. In this term also Dubai is a herald. The panorama of feat and happenings you can enjoy in Dubai is huge. You can go for days and days but the activities you can enjoy there might not end. In fact, all good Dubai holiday packages pay proper attention to the activities you can relish there. Some of the major adventures you can enjoy there are listed below:

  • Flyboarding

One of the most exciting and thrilling Motorsports these days is flyboarding. Fluttering like a butterfly above the water provides a great thrill and amusement. You can enjoy this fun sport at Jumeirah open beach of Dubai. Many other places also avail this facility. The rates of flyboarding can be high but the experience and fun you gather with this sport are worth spending your dinars.

  • Parasailing

This water sport might seem frightening and scary at first but once you buoy up the air, the ultimate experience of parasailing leaves you amazed. You need to be braveheart at first to enjoy parasailing but once you adapt yourself to the inertia, you will be amazed. The Jumeirah Beach provides the facility of parasailing as well. All the places providing the facility of parasailing uses an optimum level of safety and security and allows the only healthy and fit crowd to enjoy this sport.

  • Desert safari

Know that this might sound quite obvious to exercise Desert Safari on your junket to Dubai. From the day we pack our bags, we start visualizing the experiences we would have in the sand. In fact, the very first thing which comes to your mind with Dubai is Desert Safari. This city offers a unique range of desert activities. It provides a long list of options with camel rides, sand-boarding, quad bikes, dune buggies, etc. Morning Desert Safari to midnight dune bashing under bright stars, you can get all the experiences you want. The whole Desert Safari package includes delectable BBQ dining, romantic evenings, corporate gatherings, etc. as per your wish. The fire shows and belly dancing also add to the pages of your experience. So, if you are visiting Dubai in 2020 then do plan a good time in arms of yellow dripping sand.

  • Hot air ballooning

Dubai has the most decent conditions for hot air ballooning and as a result of these favorable turns, this adventure sport has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The panned view of the huge desert while slowly floating in the sky is quite hypnotizing and account for a good time.

So, if you also want to allocate your sweat and wallop over something commendable, then book your tickets for Dubai and bookmark these activities.



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Treat to your senses

Dubai can amaze you in many terms and manners. From enchanting skyscrapers to dramatic visuals and from peaceful deserts to hustly bustily restaurants, Dubai claims a colossal range of offerings to the feet on its mat. And all these offerings are worth spending your savings, time and visit. All in all, Dubai has great potential to give you the time of your life. Here is a list of some famous places you can savor on your visit to Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa

Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

I would definitely be insane if someone would miss Burj Khalifa on their visit to Dubai. In fact, why would anybody miss to mark their presence at the tallest building of the world? This place is a very strong reason to fly to Dubai as no one is oblivious to the wonderful experience it offers to its visitors. No doubt that this place has become the pride of Dubai and the complete Arab Emirates. People from all lands of the globe holds a wish to see this place once in their lifetime. This craze among the masses is not just out of the air but has strong reasons behind that. The panoramic view of the city offered by this behemothic superstructure is beyond explanation. Burj Khalifa is home to many luxurious restaurants and hotels and also houses destinations serving great entertainment and adventure.

Above all, the colorful fountains show is a cherry on the cake of your visit to this record holder’s silhouette. The view of dancing waters in the foothill of this building is quite mesmerizing and replenishing experience.

  • Palm Jumeirah

Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

When it comes to records then apart from Burj Khalifa, Dubai also accommodates the largest artificial island of the world, the Palm Jumeirah. Beaches, islands, restaurants, bars, malls, etc., you can find every fun destinations in this palm-tree shaped piece of land. The aqua venture water park situated on this island is a place worth visiting and it is great fun with a family. This giant archipelago has many other places to direct your thrill and fun. It is one of the prime destinations to visit on your trip to the bye and is quite irresistible to avoid its charm and beauty. In fact, the exotic platters served in this zone of Dubai are also quite appetizing.

  • Burj al Arab

Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

The magnificence of Dubai is soaked and poured all in this luxurious hotel. In fact, this grand structure has become an identity of Dubai and can be drooled from many parts of the city. Getting to stay in this premium-grade caravansary can cost you a fat wallet but the nice hotel can give you an experience of a king-sized life. The aura and ambiance of the hotel are quite splendid and are accountable for the money you will spend.

  • Dubai mall

Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

This place in Dubai is something you cannot get enough of. It has something for everyone and is a terminal of ultimate escapade. Sheltering more than 1000 retailers, this place lines up a great deal of entertainment. The main attractions of Dubai mall are Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo which accommodate more than 300 species of aquatic animals. Apart from that, the rainforest cafe, Haunted House Hysteria, Kidzania, Dubai Dino, etc. are also nice places to visit. All in all, if you want to grab a lively feel in Dubai then don’t risk missing this ultimate destination.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden

Some Irresistible Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Bucket List!

A Miracle is what its name is and a miracle is what it seems. It is another pearl in the record necklace of Dubai as it is the largest flower garden in the world and is an acute frenzy of colors, fragrance, and beauty. This garden assures you an astounding visual treat and mesmerizes you to paradisiacal level. This garden hosts a wide range of flower species which are so beautifully designed that the vision stays in your memory for a really long time.


Dubai holds all the factors to amaze you and give you some days out home which can be remembered for years. Missing out on Dubai can cost you a great deal of fun, adventure and amusement. So do a check-in to Dubai to successfully invest your hard-earned days.


I am a business analyst at Travelex Travels & Tours LLC based in Dubai. I am also a foodie and travel junkie and love to share my traveling experiences through my weblog.

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