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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters



Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Some people do not realize this, but the quality of air inside your house matters a lot. If it is not clean, it can have a toll on your health. The things that cause the air to pollute are the mound of carbon monoxide and inadequate air ventilation.

Let’s take a look as to why the indoor air quality matters so much. Here are a few reasons which might convince you to choose the necessary steps to make sure that you have good indoor air quality.

Indoor Pollution Can Be More Damaging

According to numerous research, indoor air pollution can be more damaging to your health than outdoor pollution because without adequate ventilation methane and other harmful gasses build up in closed spaces and cause many diseases. This can have not only short-term effects but also long-term effects as well. You might not notice it right now, but over time your health will start to deteriorate. This is because the majority of the time that you spend is spent indoors. If the air is not clean, then you will be inhaling all that polluted air. To make sure that this is not happening, try to maintain proper ventilation around the house. It is best to install smart ventilation system or HVAC system to avoid this problem.

Clean Air Makes People Productive

You might think that this is not the case, but if you try to work in polluted air, you will not have a clear mind, and you will not want to work. If the air ventilation is proper, especially in workplaces, then people will work with a clear head and be more productive. This will not only improve your work quality, but it will also improve your health.

Can Save You from Medical Bills

The bad air quality will make you cough, give you headaches, and even irritation in the eyes. Over the long run, it can cause you to develop serious medical problems that can be life-threatening. Breathing in clean air can save you from all of those issues and will lower your hospital visits. Which also means that your medical bills will be minimal.



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You Will Feel More Lively

This is something that you will notice over time. If you continuously stay in polluted air, you will start to act grumpy and get annoyed over small things. But once you stay in clean air for a prolonged period, you will notice that you are livelier. This will also boost your morale and motivate you to complete your work. Many people have to take time off their work just because they are tired or ‘not feeling it’ due to poor indoor air quality.

Health Comes First

While we discussed that it would save you from unnecessary visits to the hospital, let’s talk about the potential diseases that clean air can keep you from. If you spend time in polluted air for a long time, you will feel dizzy and even nauseous. Over time, it can develop into something serious such as asthma, which can stay with you for life. You can also develop heart problems due to polluted air, which is a dangerous thing. To avoid all of this, make sure that you have proper ventilation and always keep your place clean.


Many problems come with having bad indoor air quality. Therefore it is essential to maintain a healthy environment inside closed spaces. This is a problem on its own, however, because manually you can’t keep the air quality fresh and healthy all the time. For this, it is best to install an HVAC system around your house/office. Ventilators, humidifiers, heating and cooling systems will allow you to process in a calm, comfortable air without worrying about having to adjust it again and again.



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