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Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand



Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand

Thinking of having a custom drawer boxes for your brand? Retailers and business owners are always looking for ways to effectively showcase their products to earn great revenues. Many businesses spend a huge chunk of their hard-earned money just to enhance the outlook of their products. Out of many packaging options, one of the most loved boxes is drawer boxes. Their unique design and handy design makes them extremely stylish. Drawer boxes have a tray that slides like a drawer from the top box. The sliding drawer is designed for easy opening and closing I’d the packaging box. Custom drawer boxes give an elegant aura to the packed product. They make the product look luxurious.

Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand


What is Custom Drawer Box?

Custom drawer boxes consist of the main compartment and a sliding drawer inside the compartment to hold the product safely. Custom drawer boxes protect the product held inside it. You can print your custom drawer box in any design you want. From material to finishing style everything can be customized as per the demand of products and business owners. Drawer boxes are quite versatile as compared to traditional packaging boxes. These boxes give you more options for creating unique packaging. You can create a box from cardboard, Kraft with various designs like Window panes, gold foiling, stamping, sleeves, support cushions, etc. These unique features will influence the purchase decision of a buyer. Custom drawer boxes are a perfect choice to present gifts to your loved ones. These boxes are equally good for delicate products like jewellery, ornaments, etc. And lightweight items like chocolates, candles.

Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand

Why Choose Drawer Box Over Ordinary Box:

If you are looking for a very high-end packaging but have a limited budget you can always blindly trust custom drawer boxes. Drawer boxes are easy to assemble, use and carry. These boxes can easily be opened and closed to use the products conveniently. These boxes help your product look beautiful. You can also these boxes for advertising and promotional purposes. Drawer boxes can cater to all sorts of packaging needs. These boxes protect your product and provide a mesmerizing display of your products. Just by using artistic designs and amazing printing you can create a perfect packaging drawer box for your product. This will not only attract customers but will also elevate your sales.

Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand



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Highlight your Brand: 

Custom drawer boxes sleek design offers open and reveal effects for products. Customers can easily slide the drawer to open and see the enclosed product. These boxes are superior to other simple boxes as this highlights the main features of your product to help your brand effectively display the product. Presentation boxes with brands logo help in brand recognition as well. Customers will start to recognize and remember the brand and it will enhance the visibility of the brand. Drawer boxes allow you to add graphics to the box which can be beneficial for promotional purposes. It will create product awareness among targeted consumers.

Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand

Enhanced Protection: 

The material utilized for drawer boxes is very durable which protects the packed product from any damage. Drawer boxes offer greater security to a delicate item than any other packaging. They ensure the packed item is preserved in its original form until the time it reaches the buyer.


Many brands scare to choose customized presentation boxes as they have the misconception that these boxes are expensive. They have in mind that readymade ordinary boxes are cheaper than drawer boxes. But they often fail to compare the benefits a drawer box can bring to their brand. A drawer box is not just a box, it an adrenaline-rushing experience for the customers. It’s a complete package to entertain the customers. These boxes create a loyal relationship between the brand and its customers. These boxes make your products look enchanting which helps your brand to achieve a leading position in the market.

Very Informative: 

Drawer boxes help you to illustrate all the information regarding the product to your customers. These boxes help customers to get all the required information without anyone verbally explaining it to the consumer. You can print the brand’s name, logo, ingredients, expiry date, etc. On box to help customers conveniently know the basic knowledge about the displayed products. This will build a trustworthy relationship between you and your customers. This long term relationship will not only increase your customer base but will also help you to shine among the competitors. These boxes give a professional look to the product. By adding a Windowpane you can make the customer curious about the product which will force them to peek inside the box.

Why use Custom Drawer Boxes for your Brand

Elevated Sales: 

A uniquely designed presentation box is the secret of any business success. Almost one-third of customers buying decisions depending on the packaging of the product. Attract drawer box with appealing artwork, mesmerizing design, beautiful graphics and color schemes will grab the eyeballs of every person passing by the shelf. Innovatively designed boxes compel the customers to repurchase the same product. Such drawer boxes serve best your presentation of products and make it convenient for customers to remember their favourite brand. These boxes make your product so appealing that customers wouldn’t dare to ignore the packed goodness.


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